Thursday, January 05, 2006

Unbelievably Pissed Off Right Now

What a huge mistake.
I *FINALLY* got my marks today from last semester. 5 days before classes resume.

I am really happy with most of my marks...

Editions I (Quark Express)---------95%
Creativity -------------------------94%
Graphic Design---------------------94%
and then....
Basic Design------------------------48%???????????????????

HAS to be a mistake.

I did all assignments and tests, and she only gave me a final mark based on 3 of the 4 items. It was 20% one test, 20% one assignment, 20% another assignment and 40% the final project. My mark reflects assignment 1, 2 and 3, but not 4. So, because of this, I have a failing mark for her class. I handed in the final assignment on the date it was due, to her, in her hands. I have no idea how to get in touch with her before school resumes, and I would like resolve this. I am not sure what to do - so I emailed the head of the graphic department, he's handled stuff for me in the past.

I see this as being a problem as I've received a 94%, 94% and 95% in my other classes. I don't see how I would get a failing mark in one? It shouldn't be. What is horrible is that the teachers don't have an office, they don't have phone extentions for us to call them, they don't have email (or if they do - they don't check it) and the don't have office hours... so what are we to do?

I am furious right now. I need to go cool down. I will write more later about my adventures in dog sitting Bosco, that's where I am right now, at my parents place, dog sitting.

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