Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Have Learned From My Mistake

First stop was the shopping center I was at yesterday, as Zellers overcharged me for 2 items that I purchased yesterday. While there I found some knitting needles that were more appropriate sized for the socks that I'm going to attempt to make, and picked up some bagels at the bagel shop in there (whole wheat - I cut them in half and freeze them so all I have to do is defrost and they're as good as fresh like the day you got them. On my way out of the parking lot, I decided to take Jamie's cards out of the huge box they were in and put them in my purse, they were in a plastic case - like 132 cards or something, and didn't want to carry huge boxes into the house. So I threw out the box in the garbage can outside of the shopping center.

Next I checked the pet store near my house for this special spot remover stuff that takes out anything. I have a spot on my office carpet from salad dressing and I can't get it out. I hope it's not too late. They didn't have the spot remover stuff, but I will check the pet store near my parents house when I'm dog-sitting tomorrow and Friday.

Next stop was at my Uncle's glasses shop. My cousin Jenn was working, and since her dad is out of town, she's keeping the store open for pick ups and drop offs, but she cant fix glasses or do stuff like that - so she's pretty bored there, or so it seemed to me. So I visited her, and got a starters lesson on knitting socks. I am going to start those hopefully tonight or tomorrow - I have to start my swatch first. This will be my first thing I'll really ever knit, besides scarves, which I've knitted in the past, but I've never knitted anything else. It was fun hanging out there with her, and one lady who came in to drop off her mother's broken glasses happened to be a cousin on Jamie's dad's side of the family. A relative that was at our wedding. Since I had my wedding photos with me, I showed her them, and it was nice to share them with people. It was really funny bumping into her there. I didn't recognize her at first, but when she said her name when leaving a phone number for the glasses, I asked her what her husband's name was - and when she told me, I said "You were at my wedding." She then said " I thought you looked familiar, you're Jamie's wife"... and then we started talking.

After parting from my cousin, I went straight to my grandmother's place, my dad's mom. I kinda self taught myself recently, because I wasn't sure when my grandmother would be free to show me, and then when she called me last night to tell me that her club was cancelled for this week too (holidays) and that I could come over, I agreed to go over and get a lesson from her - the expert! She also gave me a ton of started afghans (3 of them) to finish, as she said she's done with making them, as she has no patience anymore.

I met Jamie at the gym after leaving my grandmother's and I worked out on my new favourite machine for 30 minutes of cardio. That's all I felt like doing today, and then headed home. Jamie went through the 3 envelopes of cards he got - plus the package to realize that there were 4 cards missing from the box that I picked up at the post office. I swear I ruffled through the newspaper in that box to make sure that I got everything that was in there.

Back to the mall it was. Before Jamie got really upset and didn't know if I was to blame for throwing it out or if the seller on ebay was trying to fuck us over for the 4 cards. (Basically it was a complete set of cards, Jamie paid about 40$ includding shipping for it and 4 of the most valuable cards (were wrapped seperately in the package he sent) are worth 32$).

I ALMOST KISSED THE GARBAGE CAN after finding my box still in the top of the garbage, untouched, and I found a bubble envelope in the box, at the bottom (under the newspaper). I didn't see it, or feel it, as I put my hand in and it felt flat at the bottom.

Oh my god. I saved the day. And I saved Jamie from getting really mad! I don't think I will live this one down for a while, but boy did I learn my lesson! Don't throw anything out if it doesn't belong to me!

After ordering dinner, we watched the movie Wedding Crashers. HYSTERICAL. I loved it. Great. So funny. You should see it. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are hysterical together.

Alright, gotta go pack an overnight bag for my stay at my parents. Check ya later.

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