Saturday, January 07, 2006

Movie Marathon

Slept in again today - until just after noon. Boy was I tired. I enjoy staying in bed as long as I possibly can - who wouldn't! Jamie had some friends over today in the afternoon, and while he did that - I started doing some cleaning. I clean up my office a lot - and start on my chores. I got 2 of the 3 rooms vaccumed and that is a huge accomplishment.
This evening, Jamie and I watched 2 movies in a row - Cinderella Man and then Four Brothers. Both were really good, Cinderella Man was even better. While watching the movies, I worked on the brown tone afghan (the ripple pattern one) and got a lot on it. I am very happy with the progress of it - but this is a huge project, due to the size of it. I need to photograph it...

Well, I'm off to watch some TV in bed and fall asleep... long day tomorrow with A LOT of stuff to get accomplished.

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