Friday, December 16, 2005

Snow Storm Friday

What a HORRID day out there, and I had NO CHOICE but to leave my house. I didn't realize what the weather situation was out there - as I heard something about 20cm of snow falling, but didn't think much of it - and then to find out that actually 41 cm of snow fell today... CRAZY. The usual 10 minute (max) drive to school took me over an hour. I got to school on time though - as I left early enough. (Earlier than usual). Also - I didn't have to circle around for parking or anything, as I pulled right into Hotel du Fort which is attached to my school and didn't mind paying the 8.50$ parking fee for a NICE WARM spot that I wouldn't have to shovel snow to get my car free when it was time to go home.

During class I got back my illustrator project - the one that I created all those shapes and characters. I am very happy with my 17.5/20 - which is actually the best mark I've gotten in that class so far. My teacher is not a fair marker. Anyhow, so far I have a 14.5/20 a 16.5/20 and now a 17.5/20. The final project which I handed in today is marked on 40, which add up all the marks and you get 100%... So far I have 48.5/60. Not bad. I am hoping for a decent mark on the project that I just handed in - I know I won't fail. That's for sure.

On my way home from school Jamie calls me and asks me how much I love him. I ask why. He wants Marathon Suvlaki for lunch. Ugh. In the storm, he wants me to go get Marathons. I was actually kinda craving it - and since his lunch got cancelled due to the weather and he didn't go to work today as he called in sick (he has a small cold and well with the weather conditions and Friday's he only works a half day anyhow)... he decided to stay home today. LUCKY GUY!

You know what I realized today? Christmas is NEXT weekend. Next weekend! I told this to Jamie and he was like - woah! I better start shopping for you! NEXT WEEKEND! I am kind of excited. It will be a lot of fun with Jamie's step family for Xmas. But I just can't believe that it is SOOO soon! Crazy how time flies.

When I got home from school and from picking up lunch, the snow removal guy thatI hired a few nights ago had not come yet to clean our driveway. This pissed me off - because how was I to park in my garage? So.. instead... I parked here... backed into someone else's spot, which they cleared and left from! Thank you whomever that is!

I got upset that the snow removal guy hadn't come yet and I called him up to see what his usual schedule was, and how fast he would get to our house. He said that it's not usually like this (due to the weather) and he hopes to get to my house before Sunday. BEFORE SUNDAY? I need to use my driveway. I need to get into my garage. I need to find somewhere LEGAL to park my car (and not sticking out into the street!) I hope he was kidding about SUNDAY!
Mid-afternoon my driveway was clean... but I had still cleaned my walkway. (Turns out later on this evening someone came back to clean my walkway properly, as I only cleared a path down the middle - now the entire walkway is CLEAR!) Good job Snow Removal guys. I'm happy now.

My sister ended up coming over mid-afternoon, studied a bit, watched her soap opera from 3-4pm, and then I made her dinner ( a sandwich nothing fancy) and then drove her to her exam in my mom's MDX. Nice car, but I hate trucks. And on top of it it's automatic, and I swear I was looking for the clutch to start the car without even thinking about it my foot went to the location! I guess I can't go back to automatic cars. No way. They suck! It's not really driving. Really.

Been working on my new crochet blanket. This time I'm actually using a real crochet stitch. I have no idea what stitch my sister-in-law showed me - but it's not a real crochet stitch that you'd find in a pattern or book or magazine.

I am SOOO HAPPY and relieved to be out of school for 3 weeks. I am going to make the most of the next 3 weeks - let me tell you. I have a job to work on for my father (a paid job - thank goodness) and movies to watch, tv shows to catch up on - reading to do - art projects to do -some cleaning chores that aren't important - but I've been waiting for some time to do them, as well as other little things. People to see for lunch. People to see for dinner. People to see for coffee. Christmas plans. Maybe go skiing with Jamie? (Yeah right eh?) (I bet it's not going to happen this year!) SLEEP TO CATCH UP ON!

Gonna go cut up some kiwi's and hop into bed and watch some TV.

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