Sunday, March 04, 2007

March 4 of 31

So today was just one of those Sundays. I slept in a little, missing out on Yoga, yet again. Someone come kick my butt on Sunday mornings to get me to go to Yoga. I guess it will be a lot easier once Sean is sleeping through the night, but now that I'm getting up to feed him, (sharing with Jamie of course on night's when he's not working the next day), I'm beyond exhausted!

We've watched a bunch more episodes of Prison Break. We're just addicted! And I think it's my sister's fault, because she keeps raving about how good it is! Thanks sis!

This afternoon I did some errands picking up Jamie's jeans that got the button above the fly fixed, (no idea how it popped off in the washing machine, but it did), mailed some stuff at the post office, deposited my mortgage payment, did an exchange at the dollar store near my house for something that I got for an art project that turned out to be defective. Then I headed over to Walmart to do another return, and pick up something else. I was shocked, for one of the returns I wasn't sure if they'd do it - but apparently Walmart will take back anything that is defective! I had purchased Gerber bottles and X Cut nipples - which are supposed to be nipples for allowing thicker formula through (when I tried the very minimal amount of single grain rice cereal in Sean's bottle), there was at one point, Sean was sucking on it for about an hour I kid you not - at 4:30 in the morning, (my hubby's feeding time - not mine) and apparently Sean was trying to eat for an hour, and nothing was coming out. Sean was getting frustrated, and Jamie half asleep as well - was getting frustrated. I don't really know if it was a full hour, but that's the story I got. Who knows how accurate that is - I mean, at four in the morning, who is thinking clearly? Anyhow, they took back the opened package of nipple and the open package of bottles. That was very nice of them. No questions, no fuss - just a simple return. Fine by me! I have no complaints!

Today I've discovered that I do NOT like Pampers for little boys. I much perfer Huggies. Both these diapers shown above are for stage 1 - up to 15 lbs. Well, Sean may be approx. 9 and a half pounds (that's my guess), and I find the Huggies are better for little boys, because they trap in the pee. The Pampers once wet get a little loose on the top, because they poof out, and the next time Sean has to pee - BAM! Leakage! The Pampers were a gift from my baby shower - we have 1 package. Those will be the last package of Pampers I use for stage 1. Maybe I'll give Pampers a try in the future for bigger sizes, but for now, I can't stand to use them, but I'm not going to throw them out. Pampers for little boys are no good! Huggies on the other hand, I got a ton of - and I love them! I got 228 diapers that were from Costco from my mother-in-law and father-in-law for part of my baby shower gift. (They also bought Sean his crib). Then, I also got a diaper cake from my mom, dad and sister, that my mom & sister made together, and that was from another box of 228 diapers from Costco. They also gave me all the leftover diapers that they didn't use in the diaper cake. What do you use? Are you a Huggies fan or Pampers or something else? And why?

Here are two more bibs (above and below) that I made for Sean. This white one above is one of my favourites, because of the marching ants! I just love it! And below, just a simple one with his name on it - with the iron-on letters that Angela got me as a gift for either the holidays or my birthday, I can't remember! LOL.

Today I decided to try and see if the Youppi outfit fit on Sean. It's 0-3 month size, but I did have a small baby! Youppi for those of you who don't know - was the Montreal Expo's (baseball team that we don't have anymore) ex-mascot. Apparently he moved over to hockey (which I think is WRONG) and he now cheers at Montreal Canadiens games. So wrong, so wrong.

As a gift for Sean's Brit Milah, he got this outfit from his step-great-aunt and step-great-uncle. (Jamie's step-aunt and step-uncle). They knew we are huge Habs fans. The good thing about this outfit, is the Habs shirt comes off the Youppi and can be worn seperately! The bad thing, is the Habs jersey says YOUPPI on the back with his number which is the ! Look at Sean's chubby cheeks when he smiles. It's ironic that he's still soooo small - over 2 months old and under 10 lbs, and he's got chubby cheeks!

In knitting news....

I have these JUMBO rubber puzzle pieces which I used to use in my old apartment under my exercise mat, so that I didn't hurt my back (hard floors and my back don't mix). Anyhow, I was keeping them for a kids' play area, once I had kids, but now that I have Sean - I think if I need them in the future, I'll get some more. Right now they were the most perfect thing to block parts of Sean's sweater on! I've spritzed the pieces and since they've been blocking (with awesome new blue "seaming pins" that I picked up the other day, they can be used to seam, or to block, I've managed to finish the other white sleeve this evening while watching more Prison Break. Anyhow, I can't wait to hopefully seam it all together tomorrow!


Drea said...

i didnt really care what diapers I used when caleb was a newborn, and with taite im using whatever people gave me lol..

Once Caleb got bigger though I tried many diapers and found Pampers Baby Dry lasted the longest. I couldnt use any other brand at night otherwise he'd leak! I tried multiple times w/ other brands and they never worked.

Now that Calebs potty trained I cant use any other diaper but "Huggies Overnights"

:-) Because he pees like a mule! to much pee pee haha. The overnights are well worth the money. I got tired of changing his sheets.

Summer Engh said...

VWhen my kids were babies I usually used Pampers. I found that they absorbed better. But I usually switched between Huggis and Pampers. I couldn't use the cheap kind cause the kids got rashes. SO I stuck with Pampers. Those pictures of Sean are so adorable. I like the bibs you made.

Maggie said...

We started out with Pampers because that's what the hospital used - they use the best one, right? WRONG! The Wal Mart brand of diapers (Parent's Choice) works better. We like them better than the Huggies, too. We only use the disposables at night though. During the day we use BumGenius cloth diapers.
You CAN return anything at Wal Mart. sometimes you can still get a credit for it even if you didn't buy it there...hehehehe.
The bibs you are making are so cute! Where do you get the iron ons?

Indie Mama said...

we're doing a mix of clothe and disposables. the disposables are the costco brand (huggies?), and they seem to work well. i think we picked up some pampers once when we were in a pinch, but i don't remember there being much of a difference. i'm jealous of your blocking mat! i lay a towel on the floor and pin into it and the carpeting, but it's definately a not an ideal arrangement. = )

Kimber said...

Hey, I use those foamy, mat/puzzle things to block knits too - they work so well! I am excited to see the finished sweater.

Diapers... I definately preferred Huggies for my girl, they always did the job and she never got the nasty diaper rash she seemed to get with Pampers.

Those bibs are too cute! I love custom baby things and I bet Sean is the coolest baby on the block!

On another note:
I am so excited that you are gettin STR County Clare! I think its stunning myself.... I would of worked more on my STR Tomtem jacket but the baby gift knitting has got me stalled on that project.

Nicole said...

Huggies all of the way. Not only did they prevent leaks when my son was little. Once he started to crawl the Huggies supreme had the best elastic for ease of mobility.

Your bibs are adorable.