Sunday, March 25, 2007

March 23-25 of 31

What a weekend!

Where to start?

First off - I have the best son in the world. What kid sleeps an ENTIRE car ride from Montreal to New Jersey, not making a peep? Sean really was a trooper there and back - sleeping the entire time. The only time he got up was when we stopped to eat lunch both ways, and 20 minutes before arriving at the hotel on Friday he woke up hungry. So I fed him a bottle in the car, strapped in his seat - he wasn't too happy about that - but at least he got to eat!

He was handsome in his suits both for the dinner Friday night, and at the wedding Saturday night. (Pictures to follow). Sean threw up all over the carpet as the bride was about to walk down the aisle. Yeah - that was interesting. There was an aisle down the middle for the bride to walk down, and we were sitting on the "groom's side" and on the outside aisle - so the bride had no idea this happened - thank goodness! Everyone in the wedding party saw though - lol - and everyone sitting in front of us and the few rows behind us saw. It got on my new dress (more about my new dress shortly) but the dress was made out of material that doesn't absorb liquids - so a quick run to the bathroom with Sean - and the puke wiped off my dress quite easily - thank goodness.

Since I wasn't driving or leaving the hotel - (I wasn't a driver on the car that we rented) I decided to enjoy some red wine.... yeah - I was a little tipsy Sat night! That was fun though~! I love a good glass of red wine. Even an 11$ glass at the hotel bar before the wedding started was good. (11$?! That's mad!)

We had a good time in Jersey, and I love the store called Century 21. I got an awesome dress that I ended up wearing Sat night to the wedding, Sean got a ton of clothes, and I even found a nice shirt for Jamie there. The biggest one is in Manhattan, and they're only in NJ and NY I was told by the cashier. The shirt for Jamie was to replace the blue Tommy Hilfiger button down that I somehow managed to loose. I'm telling you - It'll turn up one day when we're packing to move to our next house (I don't plan on being in this house when Sean starts Kindergarten). I think the cats ate the shirt - but anyhow! Oh - and guess what?? THERE WAS A YARN SHOP DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM OUR HOTEL. How great is that?

How a baby sleeps through BLASTING music even my suitcase on the 9th floor heard it - I don't know. I was in contact on Saturday night via text message, and found out the Habs won 4-1 over Washington. What a great game. I'm going to the hockey game on Tuesday night with my sister - and we've possibly got tickets for Saturday night - so it looks like those tickets on Tuesday weren't exactly my last ones! Whoot! I love hockey games. I think I'm going to purchase my jersey tomorrow night - I really want one that actually fits. The one i have now is WAY too big, as it used to belong to someone else - and now I have it.

The hotel was gorgeous, and due to their screw ups (Jamie got short changed on Saturday night, gave the bartender a 50$US bills of my 11$ glass of wine and his beer - and got back change as if he gave a 20$ and he only realized on Sunday morning. So when he went down to the front desk - he also complained that we had a rude maid on Saturday (she waited until 4:30 pm to come clean our room while we were in the middle of getting ready to be in the lobby by 5:15 pm for family pictures. When we asked her to come back in about an hour, she told us NO. She didn't really speak much English and was really rude. And when she did clean our room she did NOT give us more kleenex or toilet paper. Was very upset with her. We were in the middle of trying to get ready, feed Sean, change Sean, get Sean dressed, and then get ourselves ready. So, the Hyatt compt us one night's stay on them. That was very nice of them. As far as Jamie's short changing - the guys from the bar from the night before couldn't be reached, so there was no way to tell if he was short changed. I am thinking of writing a letter to the Hyatt - that even though it was a gorgeous clean place to stay, their services were disgusting as well as their staff. I know it's just the "help" (cleaning staff) but still... they could be a little bit more polite. You know?

Alright - you all want to see pictures from the weekend - here they are! Drumroll please....

Sean enjoying the nice King Size bed in our hotel room - watching a little TV upon arriving...

Friday night New York City Themed dinner - Sean all dressed up like a little man! Cute, I know!

The three of us Saturday night at the wedding. I love Sean in his little tie! Too cute.

This is my new dress. I got it at Century 21 - I love this store. (At home, Century 21 is a real estate company! The one that I used to buy my house that I'm living in now!) I had brought a dress with me to wear Saturday night to the wedding, but when I saw this - and tried it on - boy it looked great - and I felt comfortable in it... I couldn't believe what size I was - so happy.... the scale is slowly starting to drop... (However, stable this weekend having been on a trip and not being able to eat 100% healthy!)

Oh - my little Sean was a stunning handsome little man this weekend. I just love his Roobez shoes too!

In our hotel I looked through some Knitting Magazines, but I am NOT impressed with any of the ones that are out right now. I say this because all the patterns are too "not my style". Too summery and short sleeve sweaters and stuff - not my thing. I honestly couldn't find a single pattern in either of these two magazines that I liked. Oh well.

This my friends is the yarn shop that was DIRECTLY across the street from my hotel! They just knew I was coming and they were there waiting for me.

I had to buy some yarn - of course. I got some Cascade Quatro in color #9438. However, they only had 3 skeins left, and I bought them, but it's not enough yardage to make Clapotis. So I think I'm going to wait. I'm going to use this yarn for something else - another project, and maybe get another Cascade colorway to make Clapotis. I definitely do not want a solid color for Clapotis - but this one is fun, cuz it's 4 colors mixed in together! I am sure I will find another project for this yarn.
On the way to Jersey and on the way back, I got a lot of knitting time in. I finished thrum mitten number one.

And started thrum mitten number two. Such a fun knit - but I don't know why it took me that many hours to work on it!? Maybe because we watched some movies in the car? We watched The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)which is with Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, Kim Cattrall, and Morgan Freeman. It was very good. I also watched Friends with Money (2006) with Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack, and Frances McDormand. It was alright. I also started watching Oliver Twist (2005) - but it wasn't really my type of movie - so I lost interest in it. On the way home we started watching The Last Casino (2004) but there was something wrong with the disc so we didn't get to see the end - which I want to - because it was really good for a Canadian film. It was even filmed in Montreal! How cool is that - I thought I recognized our casino! Factual error in the movie: Barnes says that Casinos will do anything to distract a player including sending over free booze. While this is true in the United States, the movie is set in Canada, and Canadian casinos are not permitted to "give" free alcohol. Soft drinks and coffee only! Hee hee.
I also started reading the book Knitting Under The Influence by Claire Lazebnik and so far so good. It's not the greatest so far, a little flimsy with the characters so far. We'll see how it gets as I continue reading on.

Here is the view of the gorgeous Motnreal skyline as we were arriving back onto the island from the Champlain Bridge. Gosh - it feels great to be home!


Creative Genius? said...

Sean looks so cute, he's getting so big!!! And you look beautiful!!

Hey I've been to that knitting store in Morristown (and I've eaten in the resturant (sp) in your hotel)....

Too funny!

lauravee said...

I cannot believe you were so close to me this weekend! I live only 20 minutes from where you were. Don't you just love that yarn store? They are so sweet and friendly, I always get the best service. You look fantastic in the dress too. Happy Knitting!

Kimber said...

What a great time you guys had! The dress is fab as well!

Babies will puke in the most inopportune times won't they? My girl did it in Starbucks and this guy was sitting at the table next to us having KITTENS he was so upset! She was 2 months old and had the worst reflux.

Sean's little outfits are too adorable! That little tie is so precious. Robeez are great aren't they??? I think I had an addiction to them myself.

Summer said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. What great pictures of you and Sean. You look beautiful and Sean looks like such a handsome little boy.

K. said...

I always loved a man in a suit...LOL! You look fantastic on that pic too!

Robin said...

I like the family picture of the three of you - very nice! I like your dress too and Sean's tie.

Ohh, the puke story. Sounds like you handled it with a minimal of fuss though. Nonabsorbent fabric for the dress was a good call!!

g-girl said...

that dress looks fantastic on you! :) great color. I love sean's tie and his striped pants. :) too cute. what a night's stay @ the hotel and a yarn shop right across the street. :)

Jenny said...

You look fantastic in that dress-red really is a great color for you. And I am a huge fan of the robeez. A friend that has twins told me about them and I already have a pair for our little girl!

Glad to hear Sean was so good for the entire ride, what a relief!

Katie said...

I can't believe you spent the weekend in Morristown, my family is originally from NJ and I've been to Mtown many times.

Kids have the greatest sense of timing don't they? Gwen spit up on me at my father-in-laws wedding last fall.

I read Knitting Under the Influence a couple weeks ago, I won't say anymore about it until you've finished it. I think I might re-read it next weekend and post an "official" review on my blog.