Monday, March 05, 2007

March 5 of 31

Today, once I got my act together, I headed over to my parents house. My sister is spending the week there, dog sitting. Lucky parents are in Jamaica. I wish I was there! (I feel like I need a vacation. Ok, what I really want is more sleep, but anyhow!)

My cousin Jenn came over to my parents house to see Sean. And to give me a few pointers with seaming. Here is my mess before starting to seam, and after blocking it overnight.

I love how the seam is so beautiful.... it's my first seam ever, with a little help from Jenn.

By the time I was leaving my parents house to go home this evening, I had finished seaming the inside of the pocket and seamed both sleeves together, so really, it went further than what you see above, but I didn't get a chance to photograph it yet. Also, the part for the button was knitted on, (here you just see the white knitted on the blue for the button holes, which are there, but after I knitted the extra part on the sleeve for the placket for the buttons to go on. A new progress report tomorrow - when hopefully i'll seam up the sides of the sweater, sew on the buttons, weave in the ends, and have a finished sweater! That would be fantastic! I am sure I can do it tomorrow!

This evening my sister was playing around with her laptop with Sean in her lap, and we decided to take some cute photos of Sean on the laptop. I'm going to email my parents in Jamaica from Sean's hotmail account (yes, I'm a geek Sean has a hotmail account - and a facebook account too!) and write a letter to his grandparents and I'll send this photo over to them. I'm sure they miss Sean, and would love to see him in pictures!

This above photo is for the Tattoo Meme - which I saw on Cynthia's blog. My Canadian Maple Leaf is a drawing straight off my passport, which I got done in April of 2002 while in London, England. It ironically DID NOT stretch while I was pregnant. This picture was taken in 2002, just after I got home from Europe. (I no longer wear my class ring, but now seeing it makes me miss it dearly!)

I want to get 2 more small tattoos. One is of cherries, I love cherries. I'm jealous of Cynthia's cherries tattoos. Also - I'd like to get a ball of yarn with 2 knitting needles sticking through the ball of yarn. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore, maybe I'll treat myself for my birthday! I have connections at one local tattoo place, Jamie plays baseball with the owner, so that wouldn't be a problem at all - to get good service! However, it would be f*ing cool to get a tattoo from like Miami Ink or Inked. But I won't be in Miami or Vegas anytime soon. So I guess I'll go local.


Drea said...

your such a talented knitter! and i think your tattoo is adorable!
Im thinking of getting one when we move
did yours hurt?

Robin said...

Hi Robyn,
I love your blog!! So many things to comment about - first of all, your baby is adorable! Go you for doing so many cool things while being a new mom and getting acclimated to what must be a huge life change. Great tattoo - I don't have any but would like to get something knitting-related. I just have to figure out what and where!! LOL. Added you to bloglines, look forward to being a SP10 hostess with you!

Laura said...

Your tattoo is so cute, I love it! Your seaming is beautiful. I am impressed for your first time. Seaming still makes me break out in a sweat. BTW, I just got a new tattoo while I was in Las Vegas at Hart and Huntington. It was too cool!

Tsuki said...

Love the little sweater, and your baby will love it too!

I've just taken up knitting too (though not for a cause like a baby) and it's so relaxing - until it comes to making up! Seams terrify me - my last project is all weird on the seams.

I look forward to surfing back on in and seeing what else you make.

Jofrog said...

Nice seaming! Can't wait to see it modeled!

Summer Engh said...

That sweater looks awesome. I can't wait until you post pictures of Sean wearing it. I want to a sweater too but I can't get the hang of it. I also think your tatto is cute.

g-girl said...

wow, talk about perfect seams! I can't wait to see it when it's all done and on Sean. :) that is so cute that he has his own email addy..and a facebook account! lol. and cute tattoo. :)

K. said...

Hihihihi! Sean's a little computy man! I need to have him in my facebook!!!!!!lol!

Jennifer said...

Yannick's best friend Kevin (the best man at our wedding) went to Vegas and wanted to get a tattoo at the Inked place- NUH UH. If you're not absolutely stunning or have THE MOST compelling story, plus at least $400 US for your tattoo then you can get it done by some no-name nobody, but forget about Carey or any of the "tv stars" and forget about getting yourself on TV. (Not that I'm saying you're not stunning, but I doubt you're willing to bare your butt or a boob to get on TV).

Maggie said...

haha, i love the picture of sean at the laptop! classic! (and I adore that sean is so connected! :D as if he has facebook, that's awesome :D)

and your seaming is gorgeous! :o I don't have patience for seaming and have yet to get really good at it :(

and your post reminded me of how much I want to get another tattoo.. I'm really thinking that I will this summer - some stars on my shoulder. I also want something knitty-like... not sure if I'll get it on the inside of my left wrist, or on the nape of my neck... and what exactly it will be at that ;P