Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March 21 of 31

So spring started last night, at exactly 8:04 pm. Happy Spring. Now - can I start seeing some spring like weather please? I'm NOT impressed with this cold or freezing rain pellets either!

Today Sean and I slept in together - cuddling in the morning. He always sleeps in his crib, but in the morning after Jamie goes to work, we cuddle in my bed - as obviously we can't cuddle in his crib! I'd probably break it! Any adult probably would!

We eventually got our shtick together and I had some errands to run. Picked up something at my grandmother's condo (She left it for me with her doorman) and then to do a return at Coles the bookstore. I then booked a toe & nail painting with my fave girl for tomorrow, want my toes to look great in my gorgeous new shoes on Saturday night at Jamie's cousin's wedding. I picked up a new toothbrush for Jamie (the kind he used to use apparently doesn't exist anymore - I can't seem to find it anywhere - it was a Reach toothbrush - so I got him the next best one by Reach). In that same mall I returned two huge garbage bags of soda cans and bottles (Yes, I recycle and I get .05¢ back per bottle, and I even had a .20¢ beer can to return, not sure who drank that - but it was in with my recycables. I made almost 5$ right there! It pays to recycle! Especially when they're charging you the .05¢ deposit when you're buying the soda. Then I went to Walmart, did a return there too.

Then we headed home, Sean ate and took a quick nap, while I took care of some laundry and cleaning of my desk.

Before Sean's nap I managed to get some great photos of him, and here are my fave ones (the rest I'll load in FLICKR tomorrow - I have almost a week's worth of pictures to upload - I haven't had the time yet to):

I love this Old Navy onesie! It's just too funny - "Happy Hour" - How great!?

My happy little boxer!
I swear, he was waving his hands around like he was about to go boxing!

"What you looking at?"

Sean's been trying to hold onto his bottles lately. 12 weeks old tomorrow and I think before I know it he'll be holding his own while eating!
I don't really know what is an average age for this to happen - but he really wants to take control and show he can do it!

As promised - a glimps at some of my 70 page wedding album:

The cover (It's actual metal with our pic on it!)

This is how thick this book is -
it's just like a coffee table book -
so it's called a "digital" album.

The first page - my fave picture in black & white

My page!

Jamie's page (I love love love the picture of him on the left page!)

Us, and my fave picture (right page) in color this time - doesn't it just look great?!

I love this rings shot - as well as my step-niece shhhshing my nephew during the ceremony.

The bridal party- this picture looks great as 20x14 (I have it as a 4x6 and you can't see anyone's face - but open on a 2 page spread ina 10x14 books (so 20x14 opened) it looks FANTASTIC!)

And another fave fun picture - is Jamie & I about to lick (Okay not really) the chocolate fondu fountain! Yeah right - I hate chocolate, you think I would actually lick it?!

Tonight I went knitting with the Montreal knits meetup. I left Sean at home with Jamie. It was great to get some girlie time and go kntiting! I picked up my Cascade order while there, since Ariadne Knits was there (Mary & MollyAnn) with my order. I want to make the green cabled sweater from this pattern book: Classic Elite 9080 Summertime Knits. I really want to get that patttern book - but I just have to decide is it worth it? I only want 1 pattern from it. I wish I could by the pattern just for that one sweater. This yarn will hopefully one day make my Cabled Pullover from that pattern book. Maybe I'll get it for my birthday. At least I have the yarn now - Cascade 220 Superwash Wool.

Mary and MollyAnn also brought their new shipment of Lorna's Laces. Boy was that evil - cuz I bought myself 2 skeins of Shorbet - which I had been eyeing for the longest time on Ebay. Mmmm it's delicious I almost want to eat it up!

And here is the progress on my thrummed mitten - it's coming along great. I have plenty of knitting time coming up this weekend - so I hope to get mitten number 1 done, and hopefully maybe even number 2. I also have 2 camera cases to knit this weekend - and finished my "married sock" number 1 - so that I can cast on sock number 2 for both Jamie's and my married socks (images in FO's on sidebar if you're curious - I'm calling them my "married" socks because I'm knitting the exact same pattern for both of us, just in blues for Jamie & a mixture of oranges/pinks/brown/cream for myself!)


Liz said...

What an adorable baby! And I love love LOVE the wedding pictures. Thanks for the comment on my "knitting accessory" -- we don't really have the room for it either (note how it overlaps the door frame?), but we squeezed it in anyway.

Drea said...

love the album its beautiful. seans getting the rolls ;-) so cute

Barb said...

I love the Sean pics!! Your wedding album looks great :)that Lorna's looks yummy :)

Indie Mama said...

you can order the book from your local library and photocopy the pattern you're interested in. that's what i do when i'm only interested in one pattern.

pics are great!

Andrea said...

That's a gorgous album and your pictures are beautiful.

g-girl said...

he just keeps getting cuter and cuter with each photo you take of him! :) i love his happy hour onesie too. they do come up with some funny ones @ old navy! oooh, the ll yarn you got is so pretty! did you get the help you needed with your mitten? I hope so! Wow, the wedding album is amazing and the pics! They are absolutely gorgeous!! I think it was well worth the wait. :)

Amanda1 said...

Great pics of Sean and wedding album!

The Lorna's is BEAUTIFUL! What will you do with that?

Maggie said...

that album looks GORGEOUS. I'm absolutely amazed! wow! seriously the greatest wedding album i've seen :o

AJ said...

Scout is trying to hold onto her bottle now too. She is very intrigued by her hands. She gets so excited when she hits the little giraffe rattles on her bouncy chair!

The wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous! What a great memento!

And the LL, I have that on my "wish" list on Ebay. Yummy stuff!

Karine said...

That third of your bébé is totally you...

Lisa said...

VERY cute pics up of Sean, and your wedding album rocks. So jealous. Most of my wedding photos are crappy so I haven't done a wedding album yet.
I love the Lorna's Laces! Such pretty colors! :)

ScrapHappy said...

LOVE that book AMAZING!