Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10 of 31

Last night Sean slept from 8:30pm until 5:45 am this morning. Could not believe it. And tonight, he finally just fell asleep, it's almost midnight. I'm hoping though, he sleeps til morning, that would be nice.

Hubby just went to sleep, and I'm just working on some SP10 preperations so I can start my matches. Trying to make sure I have all the info I need, and I've put everyone in my group onto their each individual cue card, with their location, allergies, if they have pets or not, if they smoke or not, (dont want to make up smokers with people who have smoke allergies! Or Pet owners with pet allergies!) Also, I've marked down their interests, and any comments they wrote when they signed up pertaining to being matched up. I've got different color cue cards (index cards) depending on what country they live in, and I've also done groups for whether they want to have a spoilee in the same country, or if they want to mail to another country! I think I have a system going on, and I should have all my matches done tomorrow or Monday, and then I've got to start typing out emails to each person with whom they are spoiling! If you're in my group - look out early week next week in your ANONYMOUS account for your match. That is where I will be sending it to, but I WILL remind you in your 'real' email account, to check your anonymous account! So don't worry.

I'm VERY excited for this new round of Secret Pal to start, it's going to be a blast!

Today we did some errands for some stuff we needed to pick up, and since arriving home we've been watching Prison Break on DVD. We're almost done Season 1. I cant wait to start watching Season 2, which I have almost all of it already. It's soooo addictive!

I managed to get ONE row knitted on my father-in-law's Irish Hiking Scarf gift, but I really wanted to work on my SP10 preperations, so I neglected knitting for tonight. Once I have progress I promise a first picture of the scarf! Tomorrow I'm getting together with my sister & Angela to watch the movie The Holiday, so I plan to get some knitting done. Angela & I will also check out an LYS near my parents house that is open on Sundays. Angela's been dying to get to that LYS, and so I'm taking her. I hope that I don't buy anything - but it's possible I just might.

I think I have cramps in my hands from writing all the cue cards, so typing is bothering me.

I'm off for tonight... GO CHECK OUT MY ETSY SHOP. I've listed some new earrings that I've made, a cute shirt for newborn babies (need a gift anyone?) and some other stuff! I've also reduced the price on my Sweater Knitting Earrings - it's a great gift for a knitting friend! (I have more in stock, but have one listed at a time! Incase anyone is interested!) Awesome firefly stitch markers.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Jenny said...

I bet a full night's sleep ust have felt unbelievably nice!

Summer said...

Ever since I saw "The Holiday" advertise I have wanted to see it. Tell me how it is. Hope you enjoy your day and the movie.

Robin said...

I really want to see "The Holiday" - let me know how it is!! Also, I just bought those coconut earrings as I LOVE those. Look forward to seeing what other earrings you come up with as I'm sure I'll be buying more!