Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 14 of 31

Today I went with my mother & grandmother to Ottawa. My mom drove both ways, and here is my knitting progress for today:

An almost finished camera case (my mom has requested one for herself as well, so I'll be making a third!) All I have to do is graft this one.

And progress on my thrum mitten! It's actually starting to look like something. I'm a little bit confused with the thumb part, so I'm going to re-read the pattern tomorrow when I've gotten enough rest.

In Ottawa we went for specific things. First we went to Pet Smart, as my mom needed some stuff for her dogs. We don't have a pet smart in Quebec. I blame it on the language problem. Then we ate lunch at Harvey's. Then we went to Michaels. I got some yummy yarn - I'll be posting that tomorrow - I bought enough for a sweater. I also got some other goodies at Michaels. We do not have a Michaels in Quebec. The closest one is at Innes Road in Ottawa, exit 112. It was exactly an hour and a half from my mom's place to get there. It rained all the way there and there was NASTY fog all the way home, so we drove slowly and carefully. What a nasty day out today, but a great shopping day. We went to Walmart out there afterwards, which was next to the Michaels. Walmart there had some great baby stuff, and my best purchase was a tshirt for Sean, (in a larger size) for 0.01¢. Yes, you read that correctly. One Cent. One Penny. The shirt cost me ONE PENNY! It was originally over 10$. I can't recall the exact price. It was on liquidation and on liquidation even more for $2.00. That's what the sales tag said. However, I was playing around with the scanner in the baby department while waiting on my mom who was looking at stuff, and WAS SHOCKED that it said only 0.01¢ when it scanned. I called my mother over. I scanned it again. I called my grandmother over, I scanned it again. Yep - one cent. Get the cash, the cashier rings up everything, indeed it was 0.01¢, and the cashier didn't even seem to notice, so I didn't say anything. One cent. One penny. Never gotten a good deal like that before. And it's a DAMN cute shirt too. I'll photograph it tomorrow.

After Walmart we went to Costco out in Ottawa, and then had a hot dog at Costco and then headed home. I got a few things for Sean at Costco (some really adorable sleepers in 6 month size - since they were on sale). He doesn't fit into the 3 month size from Costco anymore, they're a little too short in length for him.

I'll leave you tonight with some photos of Sean, from today in Ottawa:

He pretty much slept the entire time we were there. No complaints here!

And I finally captured a photo of his GORGEOUS long eyelashes, I wonder where he gets those from? (Hint hint... me?!) And his baby blue eyes (which are hard to tell in this photo due to the lighting) I hope those stay!


a friend to knit with said...

oh my goodness is he a cutie!!! you are on a roll with those camera cases! i should really make one for my mother in law!

scappyhappy said...

Robyn..your little one is so adorable. Give him lots of hugs and day he will tell you he's too old and you give them to him anyway! I love the yarn you used for your camera cases. Thank you for all of your hard work organizing your part of SP10. I am in your group!

Barb said...

I LOVE those mitts, what yarn is it? that would make some funky socks :) How far is Ottawa from you? can't wait too see all the goodies you picked up :)

Summer said...

What great pictures. You are doing great on the camera cases. I cant believe you got a shirt for 1 cents. What a great deal. Cant wait to see the shirt.

ScrapHappy said...

Oh my gosh, his eyelashes are beautiful!
LOVE the thrum mittens.
Great deal on the t-shirt... imagine what it cost with the exchange rate... like negative US dollars!

Robin said...

Beautiful eyelashes!!! Wow!

Glad you had a nice day!

Jennifer said...

Wasn't the fog something crazy? If you're on the road and don't want to bother breaking out the needle for a quiet grafting session, you can also do a 3-needle bind off on those stitches. Put the stitches on a holder or waste yarn so you can turn the case inside out, then put them back on the needles. Grab a 3rd needle and knit (as one stitch) a stitch from each the front and back needle (pass the 3rd needle through both the 1st stitch from the front ndl and the 1st stitch from the back ndl). Knit them as one stitch. Repeat on the next stitch, then pass the first stitch over as if you were binding off. Repeat across the row. Makes a nice even seam- great for shoulders too and even sock toes if a slight ridge doesn't bother you. Of course if you know how to do this then ignore me!
I love how Sean looks like he's smiling in his sleep!

Jenny said...

I must say, you are quite the bargain hunter! They practically just gave the stuff away if it was only a penny!!

AJ said...

Well isn't he a cutie! I'm wishing I could get Scout to sleep right now, but no! Wide awake! :) What an awesome deal on clothes! We did a trip to Michael's about two weeks ago and bought about 10-15 outfits for like $50! Everything there was 50% at least. How sweet it is! Your camera cases are cute!

BTW, the yarn is RYC Cashsoft DK in "Dive". I believe it's 197 yards a piece, which is a steal! :) It's oh so soft and still on sale. I might have to buy more!

g-girl said...

the thrum mitten is looking SO cool. love the colors! love the close-up of Sean's eye too. :)