Thursday, March 22, 2007

12 Weeks

Today Sean is 12 weeks - (and technically this upcoming Wednesday the 28th marks his 3 months!) 12 weeks. And he's in 3 month clothing now - officially. Nothing hangs loose on him - he's getting on track with his size, I think... but I'm sure of it - he's probably still small for his "age". This kid.... is the cutest one in the world - okay - I'm biased - I'm his mommy! To this day, I still love him more and more as the hours pass.... even the minutes!

Today Sean helped mommy with the laundry. We had a LOT of it to do for our trip. Had to make sure that Sean has enough onesies and sleepers clean - even though some of the time he'll be decked out in a 3 month suit. Yeah - really - it's the cutest thing ever.

It's amazing how much stuff a 12 week old baby needs to pack. He's already packed (Minus the food situation - I'll pack his bottles and stuff in the morning).

Ok, so this kid is the cutest one in the world. I think my blog has been taken over by Sean! (That's okay though - it's worth the take over!) I got this outfit at Walmart before he was born, and he finally fits into it! It's 3 month size, and I'm sure he'll be fitting into it for a while to come, because the shirt, hood and pants are huge on him! The pants almost come up to his armpits - and you could probably fit 2 Sean heads in the hood! Glad there's room to grow - because this outfit - it's freaking beyond adorable!

Sean got this as a gift tonight from his Great-Uncle Hymie. Jamie's dad's brother did this - it's the most beautiful piece of artwork from just a piece of paper that I've ever seen. It's got Sean's name, birth date, weight and height of birth in there. There's a Stanley cup, a football, (Sean's a Habs fan, as well as the Philadelphia Eagles fan (football) just like his daddy and mommy (for hockey!) There is a camera on the shelf with some books, a cat by the rocking chair, Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow! Uncle Hymie will be there this weekend at the wedding - I want to find out more about how he did it!!!

Today was ALL about errands. There was a million things to do. I had to pick up the brush for my vacuum (story about my vacuum cleaner will come on Monday - Someone remind me!). It's a brand new vacuum that has been a huge pain in my buttox.

I got my nails painted and my toes painted. I did a million loads of laundry. I organized the packing. I bathed the kid. I yelled at my neighbor's daughter for parking in the driveway yet again when all I had to do was drive down my driveway, park quickly in my garage - flip the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and then head out to my nail appointment... but no... the neighbor's daughter, who does NOT even live there, parked in our shared driveway. (Next house we move to will NOT have a shared driveway between two different houses - no way....) (AND IT WILL FOR SURE NOT BE NEXT TO A RELIGIOUS RABBI WHO THINKS THE WHOLE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND HIM!) (I have nothing against Rabbi's at all - just this one! LOL He's my pain in the buttox neighbor. Well, his daughter is the bigger pain in my tushie!)

Ok - I feel better for venting!

I feel like I've done every chore under the moon today - but yet got just a little accomplished. Do you ever feel like that?

I got no knitting done today... it just didn't fit into everything that I had to do.

However, I have a 7 hour car ride ahead of me tomorrow... and I'm not a driver on the rented mini-van that Jamie's dad rented for all of us - so I'll have PLENTY of knitting time on the way and home from the wedding! Whoot! (I saw the mini-van that we got via CAA (for you american's that's AAA - C for Canada Auto Association instead of A for American Auto Association) and it's MACK DADDY of a pimping ride. Okay, I can't believe those words just came out of my mouth. Jamie seems to think they gave us the wrong wheels - because there's a dvd player with TV screens, and GPS navigation. Oh my - this is going to be fun. I hope travelling with a baby will be a successful trip!

I need to go pack my knitting stuff and movies for the car - so I'll check in later. I have no idea if I'll have web access at the wedding - but if I do I shall post. If not - I'll post upon returning! I'll leave you with this cute video of Sean from St. Patty's Day at my parents house. He likes it when you do this:

ps- My dad's making the bubble noises, my mom's talking in the background telling me to zoom out - and that's one of the dog's barking in the background at the end - I'm sure it was Bosco barking and not Piper - Piper's a good girl, she doesn't bark at nothing like silly Bosco!

pps- the Habs must be on fire - and they're sure looking like they have a good chance of making the playoffs..... they were down 3-1 tonight against Boston, and we ended up coming back and winning the game 6-3. Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow....!! Way to go Habs! I got invited to go to the game on Tuesday night against the Rangers. So it looks as though I'll get another game in from the season tickets - this time with my sister!

ppss- I'm so excited I finally booked my 30 minute massage that I got as a gift when Sean was born. (Pampering for the mommy!) I'm going Tuesday afternoon! Massages and hockey - Tuesday is going to be goooooood!

Have a good weekend y'all! And Happy knitting!


Carrie said...

AWESOME video! My two-year-old loves Sean =) Yes, he is definitely one of the cutest babies in the world. What a handsome little guy. I'm going to go watch the video again =)

Andrea said...

The pic of Sean in the Tigger outfit is too cute.

Barb said...

Have a great trip, that paper picture is so cool :)

Lisa said...

awesome gift! I wish I could make a sheet of paper look that cool. :) haha not in the cards. oh well. Have a safe trip & have fun!!!

Jenny said...

I just love that tigger outfit--it is too cute! Enjoy yourself on the road trip and lots of happy knitting along the way!

Summer said...

I love all the pictures of Sean. I totally like the one when he says "What are you looking at" So adorable.

Alison said...

The video is so cute! I hope you're having a good weekend, and that you got lots of knitting done on the road. :)

g-girl said...

wow, the gift from uncle hymie is awesome. It's a paper art but I can't remember what it's called. I've seen it done before. sean looks so, so cute in that tigger outfit! you'll have to tell us how the trip went-i wanna hear about this mack daddy ride of yours. lol. dvd player...gps too??? my, my, you've hit the big time! ;)