Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Different Options

So the boys have requested new hats (knit by mommy, of course). So I've settled on a pattern (the same one for both boys) - details to come shortly, but the pattern calls for 2 colors, and I can't decide on which colors to use for each boy.

Sean's options:


Blue & apple green?


Blue & Lime Sherbet? (These 2 were used for Sean's original Roar Hat, which Mack still sometimes wears). Does Lime Sherbet go better with the jacket?


Can't decide which green goes better? Green apple (right) or lime sherbet (right)?


What do you think? The last option is I can do the apple green (top right) with black. I realized after this would be a great option too - but Sean's jacket is with him at daycare, so I can't photograph that option too... but I think if the green apple does go, then it would look great with black too - and I have more black cascade 220 superwash (which is the yarn I'll be using) for this hat.

Mack's options:


Black & red? (Though, Mack's original Roar Hat was done in black & red. Do I make him another hat in these colors?)


Or blue & red? (Spiderman's actual colors!)


Or blue & yellow?


Or yellow & black?

Decisions... decisions... decisions...

What do you think? Opinions please!


robngord said...

I love the blue and apple green (first colour choice) and the black and red (although black and blue would also be good but not offered as an option if you want to rotate the roar hat back in the mix)

Maureen said...

Sean - blue and apple green (option one)

Mack - blue and red is cool, I also wonder if yellow and red would be fun?


kristo said...

Oh, I just had a thought. I don't know what pattern you are using for the hats, but I have found that red & blue together in a small pattern is really hard on the eyes. (literally, eye strain trying to focus on the pattern), but if it's just large colour sections, it would be fine. :)

Lynda said...

Love the blue and apple green for Sean's hat.

Like the red and black or red and blue best for Mack's hat - which does he prefer?

Sandra said...

I love the apple green with the blue!
And as much as I like the blue and red together - I agree with kristo - small patterns in this are hard to read, but large blocks would be good. Otherwise, I like the blue and black, with maybe a timy hit of red around the edge.
I'm currently knitting the Knit Picks Chullo for my son!

IrishGirl said...

I vote blue and apple green for Sean (seems like a better choice for a big boy than the lighter green) and the blue and red will totally be Spiderman! They all look great, no matter what you chose.

hakucho said...

I vote for the blue and apple green and blue and red for the other hat! Cool hats...my boys would have love them when they were little :)

Mitali Ruths said...

Wow. You're ambitious. I just caught up on the past month of your blog.

Girl Knits said...

Black & Red for Mack's. What about black & apple green for Sean's? I do like that combo, very "popping".

I think the blue & red might be a tad hard on the eyes.

Bea said...

I'm sure you've already decided but I like the blue and darker green and the blue and red.

Dawn said...

I like apple green and blue for Sean and red and blue for Mack! I think they would all match though so good luck choosing ;)