Thursday, October 13, 2011

What are you knitting me?

Sean comes to me this morning and says "Mommy, look at this hat". (He points to the black dollar store hat with skulls on it that is on his head - the one he got me to buy last year after throwing a fit in the store. Some battles I just don't want to have - especially not over 1$) "It's not covering my head anymore. My head is getting too big for it. I need a new hat - what you making me?"

Uhm, I better get on that.

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g-girl said...

so what are you making him??

Barb said...

LOL sounds like my 2 I have requests for a blanket each (I have the yarn just need to make each one) Megan would also like a scarf and socks and Leslie would like socks too :)

sapphireblue said...

Hop to it, Mom!

Anonymous said...

I love that Sean knows that you knit and make him things - he's a very lucky boy! I'm knitting my 4 year old a ribbed hat out of this book:

I was inspired to do it after we knit hats for Click for Babies like you encouraged us to do on here. We have six hats to send in - which yes, I need to do since they distribute them in November.