Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love this tummy warmer pattern - a must knit for the next baby girl I need a gift for!
- Love this new mom hospital survival kit idea.
- Grandma at the dinner table!
- Love these tie bibs!
- Love this crochet vase.
- We're done having kids, but I'm a scrabble freak, and I love this image. (And I never did maternity pictures, since I didn't love my body during pregnancy).
- Love this crochet apron! (Non-ravelry link here)
- Love this t-shirt.
- Love this marble race idea!
- I need this for my house!
- I love these road trip clips.
- Rice heating pad tutorial.
- Love this caterpillar idea! (Sew it onto a onesie!)
- Quilted patchwork bibs tutorial!
- Love this kid's book!
- Ruffle butt onesie tutorial!
- Love this strip square block.
- Love this framed pincushion.
- These hot plates look so easy to make!
- Love this crochet wreath (tutorial)!
- This is not in English, but this is a great math learning idea.
- Love this little crochet basket!
- No, I'm not old.
- Very cute lamp idea.
- I heart cherries.
- Funky DIY toothbrush bracelets.
- A cute teacher gift idea (plant).
- I need to figure out where locally I can get fun (inexpensive) silicone trays to make fun crayons. We've been saving our crayon bits...
- Love this wall plug - it's ideal!
- Genius organization idea for cords.
- Love this sky scarf idea. Maybe I'll try this in 2012!
- What a great way to re-purpose a crib. I can't sell my crib anymore, as it's illegal (it's got a pull-down bar, which is now illegal for a baby to use - though ours is broken, so it actually doesn't pull down anymore, but that's another story), so I'm thinking maybe I'll re-purpose our crib once Quentin no longer needs it once he's in a big boy bed.

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Girl Knits said...

LOVE your link loves! Love the re-purposed crib. That is a cute math idea.