Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

-What an awesome shadow box idea.
- Shower caps to keep clothes clean from shoes in your suitcase! Genius!
- Love this magnetic chore chart!
- 5$ ribbon organizer.
- Love this kitchen drawer organizer.
- Love this towel storage idea.
- These are awesome.
- Love this DIY Kids art display.
- This is not in English (unfortunately) but the idea is genius.
- If only I had a baby girl.
- Twin outfits.
- I am done having babies, but this is funny!
- Love this bowtie!
- Love these super cute basket ideas for home storage.
- Love these button cookies.
- Too bad I'm afraid of balloons and would never do this for my kids, but it is a cute idea :: One dollar for each year in separate balloons. Then they pop them after cake and presents. What a great birthday idea!
- Love this wooden stool makeover!
- Love this beaded shirt (DIY!)
- Funky lace nails!
- I think I might have to try making one of these for myself! How awesome! (Wrap-Turn-Scarf)
- I am so making these ring pincushions as gifts. LOVE IT!
- DIY tutu! After spending money on one as a photography prop, maybe I'll try making some in another color!
- Oh how I would adore a lovely laundry room.
- Ha ha!
- Very neat bullion stitch.
- What a neat way to organize your photos.
- Finds this really funny!
- Love this t-shirt pants tutorial!
- Cute gift (sewing) idea.
- Love these lego stitch markers!
- Check out this awesome knitted clock! (Though, check out the steep price tag).

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Girl Knits said...

LOVE the ring pincushion! Thanks for sharing!