Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Visitors


The other day Jamie called me downstairs to see something. There was a cat at our backyard door. Just sitting there. Checking out what was inside our house.


Later that day, the cat (I’m assuming now it’s the mommy cat) was hanging out on our patio chair, taking a nap. After that, we didn’t see her again until a few days later.


That weekend, we decided to do a huge clean-up in our backyard to prepare for winter. In one area, when we ripped up some plants (not my vegetable garden area) we discovered a kitten – maybe a month old (?). It was soooooo unbelievably cute. I had to knock sense into me and tell myself we were not taking this kitten in, and we do not need any pets in our life at this point in time.


Isn’t he or she adorable?? I had to pick him up to move him from where he was. The kids thought that kitten was adorable. We gave it a bowl of water (I had nothing in the house to feed him though – since we no longer have a cat, we no longer have cat food in the house) but he or she wasn’t interestd in water.


And later that afternoon, we discovered two baby kittens in our backyard. They found somewhere else to hide. They eventually ran off together. Sean & Mack were terrorizing trying to get their attention. A bit after they ran off, their mom came back to see them, to discover that we ripped up our garden. (As we’re going to extend our patio next spring anyhow). I heard her meowing for a bit in our backyard. I feel bad. I hope they’ve found each other since.


hakucho said...

Too cute!! Sure hope the Mama Cat found a new home for her babies :)

sapphireblue said...

Sigh! I know what you mean. You just can't take in every stray you see.

Girl Knits said...

What sweet faces on those kittens. I hope they found somewhere safe. Have you seen them again since?

Dawn said...

Kittens are sooo cute! Although, they do grow up to be cats ;) My boys would have been terrorizing er trying to get their attention too!