Monday, October 24, 2011

A Rushed Weekend


This past weekend Jamie and I were supposed to have a relaxing weekend away in Boston, without the kids (!!!) in honor of my friends wedding. However our weekend, didn't go as planned (though we did manage to get away). We were supposed to leave at noon on Friday, drive down, have dinner, and then meet up with the soon-to-be Bride for drinks at the hotel bar. Friday morning, Jamie got a call that one of our two stores that we own got robbed the night before and he had to take care of that (with police & insurance) and getting our store back up & running before we even thought about taking off for the weekend. The burglars took all our merchandise - though were nice and didn't kick over counters or ruin anything else (except for the safe). They had cut the alarm wire, and entered into the lot next to ours, (which was empty being renovated for the soon-to-be new tenants) and got into our store through the wall! It must have been professionals, because they knew what they were doing. It's absolutely sad that we live in a world with people like this.

Jamie finally got home from work, it was well after 9pm. We decided what the heck, let's go to Boston now instead of going to bed, waking up early, sitting in a car for 6+ hours to not feel relaxed at the wedding that night. We finally got on the road it was LATE! My parents already had the kids. My mom had Quentin since 11 am Friday morning. We were supposed to leave around noon, had our day gone as planned. My mom was to put Quentin down for an early nap after feeding him lunch, and then pick up the older 2 boys and take all 3 to their mid-afternoon swimming lesson (I have all 3 at the same time - miraculously!) My mom still went on her day as planned, and as the afternoon unfolded, we just didn't know what was going on, so I told my mom to keep the kids just in case we decided to leave tonight. (And my hair was already done for the wedding (blow dried straight)... no way I was going to go swimming in the afternoon!)

At one point on Friday, I seriously walked around my house and said "Now what?" The dishes were done, the laundry was done, folded & put away... there was nothing to do. I didn't know what to do with myself! I did some photo editing from pictures from the last few weeks (I had fallen behind), and watched some TV and even did a bit of knitting.

We had a very smooth ride. We had my dad's Lexus (not sure the model) - which is a really nice car. It parks itself! You can even set the cruise control to slow down 1, 2 or 3 car lengths when there is a car in front, it's sick. When border control asked who the car belonged to and Jamie said it was his father-in-laws car, he asked "he just let you take his car?" Jamie then said "we traded 3 kids and a mini van for this car" and the guy laughed and said "what a good trade, welcome to America." He was in a good mood for pretty much midnight on a Friday night/Saturday morning.

We got into Boston after 4 am. Jamie drove the entire way. I kept passing out in the passengers seat (which was mighty comfortable if you ask me). I kept asking him if he wanted me to take over and drive, though I'm not sure I would have been able to keep awake. We got into the hotel, and both of us caught a second wind. We finally fell asleep and woke up about 4 hours later to have breakfast. Then we came back to the room and took a nap. In the afternoon we ended up at Walmart (I needed pantyhose for the wedding) and I picked up some fat quarters as well. To my surprise, one packet of fat quarters was on serious liquidation. (I only noticed after we left Walmart, and I was looking at my receipt). If I had realized, I might have bought more from that company in different colors. (8 fat quarters for 2$!!!) (Photographs to come).

(The room we stayed in was GORGEOUS). We had a nice King size bed and it was clean & stylish. I definitely would stay at the Quincy Marriott again.

I did not make it to Faneuil Hall. I wanted to go there for lunch on Saturday, but it just didn't work out. I wanted to go see this artist whom we have artwork from in our house - to update a picture that we have of our family, with Quentin in it. Oh well - next time. We have 2 pieces from this artist - one of Jamie & I with our wedding date on it (dressed up in wedding gear) and another one of our family of 4, before Quentin was in the picture. Both are pieces my parents have gotten for us. It's really cute, they're cartoon pictures. I also wanted to go to JoAnn Fabric, Target, Michaels, and Snow Goose Yarns. (All carefully planned out last week). None of that happened either.


Chilling at the hotel waiting for Jamie to get ready. I was cold, hence my sweater over my dress.


Jamie and I at the wedding.


With the Bride & Groom!


Beautiful New England drive home. (We drove across, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Quebec). The drive home was beautiful - it's my favorite time of the year with the leaves falling. I started the drive home & Jamie took over and I got to knit - the first time all weekend. I'm now about 2.5" of 5" into my Linen Stitch Scarf.


We made it back to Montreal (and sat in traffic on the bridge, hence why I was able to get such a great shot of our skyline) just after the boys were fed dinner. Quentin was super excited to see me, Sean was practically waiting by the door with his jacket on to go home (though he had a great time at my parents house this weekend, my brother even took him to hockey practice both days) and Mackenzie.... he didn't want to leave my parents house & threw a fit! He seriously didnt want to go home. He just loves his Bubbie & Papa (my parents).

While we got to get away... the entire weekend felt rushed and not very relaxing. I told Jamie I need to go away with him on a one week all inclusive (if my parents will take all 3 boys for a week??) and actually relax, with no plans, no where to be, nothing to do but relax and read a book, swim, tan, etc... One day... For now, I'll keep dreaming. (We figure maybe next year, once Quentin is walking/easier to manage and 100% sleeping through the night - because he's still not).


sapphireblue said...

Looks like a great trip. You look very pretty in your dress.

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to escape for the weekend. Too bad it was later in the season. Many parts here in VT peaked around October 5th this year for leaves!

Girl Knits said...

You look GORGEOUS in that dress girl! You look adorable with your husband. The weddding looks like it was a lot of fun.

I am sorry to hear about the roberry. I am glad you have insurance. Phew! But still, it's a crappy way to start your weekend, especially since you were supposed to go away and enjoy some husband & wife time, away from mommy & daddy time. It's very important. I hope you get that kind of time sometime soon again.

Tara said...

Oh, sorry to hear your romantic weekend didn't go as planned :( I can't believe your store got robbed!!! Hope things have calmed down a bit in the past few weeks.

SandyM204 said...

I LOVE the dress you wore to the wedding. Beautiful and you look so nice in it too.

Bea said...

Sorry you got robbed! Why are people like that!

I have a friend who lives in Quincy. I was surprised to see it in your post.

Dawn said...

Ugh that sucks!! Looks like you had a good weekend in spite of it all!