Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Apple Picking


Last week I went apple picking with Sean & Mackenzie & their classes.


My mom came with to help.


Did you know that you have to pull an apple upwards to remove it from the tree?


Thank goodness the apples were delicious, this field trip was expensive!


Sean had a good time picking the apples.


Mackenzie had fun putting the apples in the bag (that he made other people pick off the tree). This is Mack's first time apple picking - last year he wasn't old enough to go with daycare.


And he enjoying eating a few apples off the tree!


As did Sean!

And myself too - I think I had 3 right off the tree. We picked Ida Red this year, and they were beyond delicious. I have now 3 bags of apples, and I'll give one to my step-mother-in-law to bake with and the other 2... please give me some ideas, only so many apple cakes I can make (to freeze). I think I might try my hand at apple sauce too! But I need some other apple recipe ideas please! What are your faves?


It was a great morning, and we were so lucky. We made it back on the bus and just as we did, the rain came down and it started to pour! Talk about good timing... The fresh air was nice, and it was nice to be able to attend this field trip with the boys.


Caroline said...

I made a sort of apple crumble with pecans the other day it was delicious!

Jamisyn said...

Cuties! Looks like you all had fun!

IrishGirl said...

Apple butter, made in the crock pot from the apple sauce you make. YUM! Last year I made pumpkin apple butter (that has mostly pumpkin with about two cups of apple sauce in the mix). I used our halloween pumpkins that were never carved. Apple picking sounds like so much fun!

Girl Knits said...

Apple picking is my fave time of the year. Ida Reds... I've never had those before.

Bea said...

I go through apples so quickly just eating them that I rarely make anything else with them. Sorry!