Friday, September 24, 2010



Sean got to go on his very first school bus ride this morning. He loved it.


We went apple picking with his daycare.


We even got to eat apples off the tree.
Today's apples were McIntosh.
Good for me, because my apple cake recipe only takes McIntosh.
(They're one of my top fave apples anyhow)...


It was so nice there, even though it had just rained.
We were lucky and it didn't actually rain while we were there.


Sean had a great time.
I don't think he wanted to leave.
He was a little disappointed though, as we were supposed to pick pumpkins too.


Luckily I didn't have to do any bending or lifting.
All the apples were within arm's reach for Sean (and I as well).


We each picked a full bag of apples.


Sean & his friends in his class.


We got to go on a tractor ride too.
Sean loved that.


When we got in (none of his friends were staying the afternoon at daycare),
Sean & I baked some apple cakes.

Knit & Purl Mama's Mother-in-Law's Apple Cake Recipe

4 or 5 apples pealed & sliced (Very Important that it's McIntosh Apples ONLY)
2 Eggs
1/2 Cup Oil
3/4 Cup Sugar
3/4 Cup Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt
Sugar and cinnamon to sprinkle over apples

Peel & Core apples, slice into an 8 or 9 inch pan. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Beat eggs, oil and sugar together. Add in flour baking powder & salt. Mix well. Pour batter over apples (optional sprinkle more cinnamon on top and/or nuts of your liking). Bake at 350°F (176-177°C) for 40 to 45 minutes, or until toothpick test is clean.

Knit & Purl Mama notes: I am HEAVY on the cinnamon both on top of the apples & on top of the cake once the batter is over the apples. I've sometimes used baking Walnuts or baking almonds to sprinkle on top, which are really good on the cake!


Tonight we went out for dinner with my in-laws. Mack has this obsession with lemons right now, even though he doesn't like the taste... (Can you tell!?). He's too funny. We all came back after dinner for some delicious apple cake. Yum!

I saw this today: "As you may have heard, we are sorry to share that Bloglines will officially shut down on October 1, 2010." What!?? That's how I read my blogs. What am I going to do?? Does anyone have experience with Google Reader? I don't want to rely on blogger to read my blog as not all the blogs I read are blogger blogs. Trying to figure out how to go about reading my blogs. What other service do you guys use? I am going to have to start saving all my tutorials and stuff elsewhere... grr... Not too happy about this - and not sure why I only found out about this now, instead of earlier this month when it was announced. I wish I had more than a week to sort this out.

Today's Link Love:
- This photo. TOO darn cute.
- I wanted one of these when they came out for the boys. I found it pricey to buy. I finally had enough pampers points to order one for baby 3.


g-girl said...

oh, i thought you knew about bloglines!! i've been depending on google reader ever since i heard the news about bloglines and it's okay. you just import all your blogs from bloglines into the google reader. Plus google reader already has your blogs that you are updated about via blogger so there may be duplicates. the problem i have with google reader is that you have to mark everything as read (in order for it to delete them) rather than just scrolling through (and bloglines NOT saving those posts) but saving the ones you want to read for later (when you mark them). does that make sense? apple picking looked like fun! why didn't you guys go pumpkin picking as well?

Kimber said...

Love the shots of Mack with the lemon! Made me giggle....

Pinkmin said...

I also use reader and think it's great. I haven't found that I need to actually mark things as read though... I also just scroll through. Maybe it depends on which view you're using. I actually mostly use an app called reeder on the iPhone rather than the web interface because it's just quicker for me and it's been great.

So cute that you went apple picking. I remember going with my brother's daycare. Can't wait to take B!

Anonymous said...

oo - thanks for the recipe robyn - I'll have to try it

Sandra said...

thanks for the recipe - I've copied and will be trying it soon!

Tara said...

I've started reading my blogs through Google Reader. I don't find it as user friendly though... Let me know if you find anything better!

Bea said...

Buses! So exciting!