Sunday, September 05, 2010


Today was a really relaxing day. The kids played with clay.

Sean had fun making animals using Cheerios for the eyes.
I'd say that's very creative if you ask me.

Sean has also been tearing out pages from the latest Sears Wishbook, and has been hanging them on our banister. He discovered the banister is magentic, and everything that he hung, is on his birthday list, apparently. Every day (almost) he asks us if it's his birthday yet. My official due date is in 111 days, so he's got another 114 days until his birthday.

I finally took some time today to photograph some yarn I've traded on Ravelry for:


Cascade 220 Superwash #817. I thought I was getting 871 when we traded, but the girl was totally dyslexic with her numbers unfortunately. That's ok, I am sure I can find what to do with this off-white. (I was looking for pure white, and it's hard to tell in other people's Ravelry stashes). I sent her something that she was looking for, in return for this skein.


Cascade 220 Superwash #910. I knew I was not getting colorway 871 when dealing with this trade, but took it anyhow since the swap was a good deal. I sent her something that she was looking for, in return for this skein.


Cascade 220 Superwash #817 x 9 balls. Again, I thought I was getting 871 when we traded, but when I received it (picked it up in Pennsylvania where she shipped it to, at my friend's house). When I got home from the trip, I realized that it was again colorway 817 and not the 871 that I was looking for. For this swap, I'm knitting her 3 patterns, with yarn that she sent for those too - for her yarn shop. I've already finished ROAR, I'm working on the 2nd sample right now (pictures to come tomorrow) and the 3rd is a design of her own. I'm thinking I'll mix this off white with another color and make a baby blanket for baby boy #3, for when he starts daycare. (I made Sean's daycare blanket, and my grandmother actually made Mack's daycare blanket).

Cute conversation between Sean & Daddy yesterday:
Daddy: "Sean let's go upstairs and have some of Nana's leftover spaghetti for lunch."
Sean: "No thank you daddy."
Daddy: "Well, what do you want to eat instead?"
Sean: "Well, I think we should go upstairs and figure it out."

When did he become such a smart big boy?

Today's Link & Random Love:
- Knitted ice cream cones!
- I love that Sean can count backwards from 10. It's so cute.
- Sean loves watching this video while he cleans up his mess. Nothing wrong with a little extra motivation, right?

I will finish my book tonight. I really will. (I fell asleep reading last night).


g-girl said...

that is so cute that sean has created a nice visual bday list for his 4th. lol. i love it!! what do you plan to make with your 9 balls of your 817?

Shelley said...

Wow, can't believe how much your kids have grown! They're so cute! Love that pattern for the ice cream cones you linked to.

Kimber said...

I am making the girls the chevron crochet blankets too. I wish I had Cascade 220 superwash! I bet that makes the perfect blanket. My elsdest picked out this yarn at Michaels that she just had to have her blanket out of. It is acrylic so I am muddling through..... as long as she is happy right?

Now my friend wants me to make her one of those blankets.... ack! :)

Tara said...

Silly question: could you dye the Cascade? Seems like a pretty neutral colour, no?

Bea said...

Can't wait to see what you do with all that pretty white yarn!

Amelah said...

Bummer about the yarn swap! All because of one two number swaps! Hope you can use it anyhow!!!

Love the mini convo between Sean & Jamie! I laughed when Jamie said it at dinner! What a big boy he has become!!!