Friday, September 17, 2010

09.17.10 :: 27 months old


Mack is 27 months old today.


I was looking back at old photos recently. Looking at newborn photos of both Sean & Mack. I came across this one. Mack since birth has been notorious for the faces he makes with his lips. Still does to this day, 27 months later. Mack must be a week or two old here. Lips puckered. That's so Mack.

99daysleft99 days left until my official due date on Christmas Day. Give or take 78 days left until he's actually born. (As they won't let me go past 37 weeks). I can't believe it's under three digits for the amount of days left. Crazy how time flies.


Yesterday while I was out I picked up these 2 really neat wallets. The last two I had picked up, the black fairy one got rubbed out and the Russian Doll one, I am using now, ripped inside. I've been meaning to get some new ones (the last 2 were from CAA), but while out yesterday, I found these 2 (And it was buy one get one half off). They're not the same brand as the ones I got at CAA, but I'll give them a try. I'm about to transfer all my cards to the owl one, isn't it adorable? I love funky stuff like this.

My new printer arrived today while I was in the office. So happy to finally have it back. I seriously felt lost without it. Not being able to print knitting patterns, sewing tutorials, recipes or directions.

Random Thoughts For Today:
- This week I found 5$ in the dryer in the kid's load. My kids are rich, what do you know!?
- I had a dream the other night that baby 3 was born 10 lbs 10 oz. That's exactly double Sean's birth weight (5 lbs 5 oz at born at 38 weeks - so completely full term). So far I've had 2 small babies (Mack was 6 lbs 4 oz born at 37 weeks). We keep saying that this baby will be the largest of them all.. but 10 lbs 10 oz? That's a bit large. Hopefully he's not that big - and if he is... thankfully I'm having a C-section?!
- Sean told his teachers today that I'm having twins. He completely misunderstood. We were talking and I had told him earlier on this week that he will have 2 brothers. Meaning Mackenzie and baby 3. He took it that I was having twins, and told all the teachers in the daycare. I almost had a heart attack when I picked up the kids today from daycare and all the teachers were congratulating me on twins. What!? KIDS!
- Tomorrow's my 5th wedding anniversary with Jamie. My parents are taking the kids overnight and we're going out for dinner to our fave restaurant. Ahh, bliss.
- Still have that one credit for an audio book. Not sure what to get with it. I have not too much left in the audio book I am currently listening to (The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs) so I hope to find something soon. If not, I do have both the Harry Potter collection and the Twilight Series as Audio books. Not sure when my credit expires - if it does.


Telmah said...

I highly recommend the Douglas Adams audiobooks of the Hitchhiker's Guide series. However- you simply must get the older version, narrated by the author himself, not the most recently produced version.

When I worked at the public library, people were constantly pulling the new version off the shelves to check out (since the newest items had prominent shelf placement), and I would always march them back to the unglamorous older copies because the quality of the original narration was so special.

dawn said...

Awww super cute Mack photos! Love the lips lol. Thank goodness you're not really having twins ;)

Jennifer said...

first of all - baby mack=precious perfection!

second - those wallets are too cute!!

Tara said...

I agree with Telmah that the Hitchhiker series is awesome. Although I really enjoyed the version read by Stephen Fry...

Amelah said...

HAhaha twins?!?! Oy Sean is funny!!!!

Oy - I remember that picture of Mack! I think I took it actually! What a little pisher he was and he still is! His faces crack me up!!!

10 pounds LOL? Woaw there !!! Thank God for C section - imagine trying to push that out!

Like the wallets! Where are they from?

g-girl said...

lol! twins????? teehee. cute though! oy. hopefully #3 isn't a 10 lber but if he is, yeah, at least it'll be via c-section!