Thursday, September 09, 2010

09.09.10 :: 116 weeks old


Mack is 116 weeks old today.


Tonight we had Rosh Hashanah dinner at my Aunt's house. I never go empty handed to someone's house - so last night & tonight I brought this little gift to each place and it was a huge hit. It's a party pick holder with party picks. In the Jewish New Year, it's tradition to have apples & honey to ring in a sweet new year. So I thought this would be super cute to use to pick the apples to put them on your dinner plate. I like finding themed gifts.


Mack discovered tonight (on his own I might add) that he can stick a spoon on his nose and balance it. He had a lot of us laughing so hard last night - it was way too funny. He's got a bit of a head cold, (runny eyes, not crying though, a runny nose, and his eyes are puffy, no fever though). I think he's going to stay home tomorrow from daycare, which means Mr. Sean is going to want to stay home. I for see it being a long day!?

Rosh Hashanah dinner was good - feeling stuffed though from all the wonderful dishes.

Today’s Link Love:
- Love this bias skirt. Hope someone who has a girl will make it!
- These crochet watermelon baby booties.
- These kimono crochet baby booties.
- These Men's Oxford Loafers, though, Jamie would never wear them, unfortunately.
- Oh, and these lady kimono crochet slippers. Cute!
- These cat nip toys are way too funny.
- Too bad my husband isn't into funky ties, I love this vintage camera one. Oh and this zipper one too!
- I already have a small Seatbelt bag, in black, but I love this messenger style one.
- This little owl pillow is just too darn cute!
- I love this lady silhouette journal.
- Love these Knitting Nerd decals. I still have some left to sell - if you are interested in any - please message me they are 5$ each. I have Knitting Nerd, Knit Girl, Crochet Geek all in white & black.

Coming up:
- Review on Two Years, No Rain.
- Update on my de-clutter process (I have not forgotten!)
- Giveway for you to win a copy of Jessica Z.


Tara said...

Cute party favours indeed! Happy New Year, Robyn :)

Bea said...

The apple thing is really cool. Mack is a very smart kid.

Amelah said...

The gift was really cute!!!

Mack was too funny with the spoon!

g-girl said...

that apple party pick holder is adorable!! mack is too funny. hope he's feeling a bit better now. the men's oxford loafers are cool! love the watermelon booties too. the vintage camera tie is cool. love the owl pillow and the knitting nerd decal. :)