Friday, September 10, 2010


Picture from last night :: We tried to get all 4 cousins (yes, all boys!) to stay next to each other for a picture, but unfortunately, it just didn't work out that way. Maybe by next even we're all together we'll be able to get them all to look at the camera & stay put. Not sure what the next family shindig is - but I might have another boy to add to the cousins photo.

Both boys stayed home today from daycare. Mack has a bit of a head cold (no fever though) and well there was no convincing Sean to go to school since Mack was home. My mom was a great help this morning and came to help me give the boys a bath (since I can't bend into the tub to bathe them) and later on after lunch she came with me to run an errand with the boys. It was a leisure day hanging out with my boys. By 5pm I was exhausted though. I enjoyed the late afternoon cartoons cuddling on the couch with both kids.

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Today’s Link Love:
- This girl is too freakin’ cute.
- I am a HUGE elephant lover. I love this silver pendant, and of course the matching earrings.
- These glasses pendant is wicked neat. I actually have it in black, I love wearing that necklace!This Gummy Bear Kissing Necklace is just too cute.
- These Rose Garden Mary Jane booties.
- Love this funky necklace.
- Watched I Love You, Man tonight, what a cute movie. It was just the kind of romantic comedy I needed. I'm a huge Paul Rudd fan as well as Jason Segel.

I've made some progress on my de-clutter blog. My recent progress is posted here. I've finally hit the 300+ mark. I told you I hadn't forgotten about it. Just have been wicked busy lately, even on "modified activity". There's always still things to do - even while resting. And so much I can still get done while off my feet. I even can now see my desk again! Up until today it was hidden by mess.

Off to go read a bit more in the book I'm currently reading. It's pretty good so far. I do have a review of the other book coming you're way possibly over the weekend. I'm in the middle of organizing my thoughts so I can put together a proper review. Stay tuned.


Amelah said...

Hey i tried my best to get a picture with all 4 boys looking, but Henri would not sit still!

Hope your boys are feeling better!

g-girl said...

maybe they need to have some food in front of them so they'll keep still? lol! the elephant pendant is adorable. the eyeglass pendant is cool too! i bet you could make that funky necklace on your own!

Tara said...

Hah! Trying to get a good picture of 4 boys under four years old... Good luck with that! lol