Thursday, September 02, 2010

09.02.10 :: 115 weeks old

Mack is 115 weeks old today.

He is getting harder and harder to photograph.

Since the boys are outgrowing their clothes, I picked them up matching pj's today.
Sean wanted to model them for you. "I is for Ice Skate".

I also had to get a few things for the baby:

A pair of winter boots (sooooo cute) Size 1. They are the most adorable things ever. I can't wait to put them on the baby. I don't think I ever had winter boots for Sean. (This baby will be in the same season clothing as Sean was) (Well, providing this baby is born not that much bigger than Sean's birth weight, that is).

And this adorable onesie I picked up while we were in New Jersey this summer. The professional photography in me wanted this for baby boy.

I've been reading a lot in my book. I'm under 100 pages left. Some nights I can read quite a bit before falling asleep, and some nights it's a page or two and my eyes grow heavy.

I saw my doc today. Some changes to my routine. I am now not allowed to do anything. I am on fully modified activity, though not doomed to my bed yet. My doc frowned when I told her I was still working. When I explained that it was in the family business (hubby and I own a franchise in the family business), and that my employees don't let me carry anything and that I mainly sit at a desk and email with suppliers and manufacturers. She said for now, it's okay, but she might change her mind and ask me to stop working, depending on how things go. If I see anything so much as a tiny spot of blood I have to go straight to the case room at the hospital since I'm high risk. I have to REFUSE any internal exams if they try to do any if I end up in the hospital before delivering. If they accidentally poke something wrong, I could end up hemorrhaging and harming myself. I was explained that as the baby grows in my belly towards the end, my uterus thins out preparing for birth. So if they accidentally do something wrong, since my placenta is on the bottom, I could potentially hemorrhage. My doctor won't even give my internal exams like I received during my last 2 pregnancies. I will still go in, to be accessed and we'll listen to the heart beat and make sure my blood levels are okay. I go for my glucose test in about 3 weeks (around 27 weeks). I have another Ultrasound in October (to make sure that the baby is growing at a good rate, because with my placenta on the bottom it won't get all the nutrients it needs, so that could be of worry to baby boy). Then I go for another ultrasound in November to make sure everything is good to go for my Csection. It looks like they'll deliver me by 37 weeks, because of my history of my water breaking both times, and Sean being born at 38 weeks (water breaking 37 weeks 5 days) and Mack being born at 37 weeks (water breaking at 36 weeks 6 days). As long as I don't deliver early, looks like baby boy will be a Chanukah baby (Chanukah this year is Dec 1 -9, 2010). My goal right now is to make it to 37 weeks. (As of Saturday, 13 more weeks to go). It was a very emotional doctor's appointment today. All this news kinda hit hard today. I knew what I was in for, but I think just hearing it again from my doctor's mouth, just really hit me today. With 13 weeks (and 1 day) to go, that brings me to 92 days. That means I'm already under the 100 day mark..! Jamie and I talked about it, and I am going to pack a hospital bag already, just in case. I'll be packing 2. One for me, in case I get admitted to the hospital before my due date, and another for the baby. I am going to start organizing that soon... just in case. If I should have to go to the case room in case of blood, they will admit me. It could be for a few hours for observation, it could be overnight, it could be for a lot longer. It depends on what's going on. I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't come down to this at all...

... the good new is, as of Saturday, 24 weeks - the baby is considered viable at that point. This makes me feel so much better that we've hit this point. One less thing to worry/stress about.

Deep breaths in... deep breaths out... I am not going to lie. I am scared. Worried. Sad.


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Today’s Link Love:
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Amelah said...

Love the booties! They are adorable.

Like I said before in my email, take it one day at a time. No point in stressing, and making the situation worse for you or the babe. Deep breaths and take it day by day. Not much more you can do then that.

halloweenlover said...

Oh Robyn, I wish I lived closer and could come over to bring your some cake and a hug!

Like you said, deep breaths, and one day at a time. I can totally remember how stressed I was. I was a basket case and sobbing every day because I was so scared of all the potential complications. My placenta was not in the back like you said yours was, but it was complete placenta previa, so totally covering the cervix. The docs thought my odds weren't good that it would move, but it eventually did, although I had months of stressing about it. And months of modified activity, of course.

You're doing everything right, and I'm sure this baby is going to be perfect and healthy and hopefully won't be born until 37 weeks. Lots of luck and patience for you, my friend!

Jennifer said...

you've got lots of scary stuff to stress about, so your advice of breathe in, breathe out is perfect.. one day at a time and think positive! big hugs, girlie.. i'm hear anytime you need to talk! xoxo

g-girl said...

oh hon...sending a super big hug your way! maybe you need to start givng yourself more bed rest now before you become restricted to it. everything is going to work out. you are going to make it to 37 weeks. just keep thinking that. :)

Kimber said...

I can understand you anxiety. I had a tough pregancy with Liv (bed rest even) and it is terrifying. But take it a day at a time. I am sure it will be ok BIG HUGS.

Those little boots are SO adorable! The little man will be so cute in them!

Tara said...

Of COURSE you're scared and worried and nervous and anxious and probably a zillion other things. Just take it one day at a time, and you'll get there. Hugs.

Bea said...

Wow that all sucks. I'm sorry this pregnancy is turning out to be such a anxious and scary time.

Sarah B. said...

Just trying to catch up on your posts, so sorry this comment is so late! Stay calm and rest as much as you can. I'm sending you big mental hugs and good vibes for baby boy's health (and yours too, of course!). You have a lot going on, but right now the best thing you can do for your family is to rest and relax.

Giant hugs!