Sunday, September 26, 2010



Baby boy stuff rocks.
New shoes for the little man to be.
They are sooo tiny. Love it.

Progress had been made on the alpaca scarf.

Tonight the hubby & I got a kid free night again. (No complaints!) We had our first habs game of the season. It wasn't bad at all sitting in our seats, though baby boy was very active the entire game. He wouldn't stop moving. I think (providing there are no complications (knock on wood)) I will attempt to go to a few more games before life with 3 children. It was a really good game to go to tonight (pre-season game), we won 4-3 against Minnesota Wild. Got to see our new back-up goalie Alex Auld in action. He's pretty good.

Speaking of life with 3 children, I'm so read. Bring it on! I've never felt so prepared in my life to be a mom of three children. Especially 3 children 4 years old and younger. I'm sure life will be challenging for a while afterwards, but I'm ready to see what life throws at me.!

Today's Link Love:
- Love this Candy Cane Ornament Tutorial.
- Love this pumpkin sweater tutorial.
- Love this modge podged pumpkin.
- Love this printable recipe card.
- Love this fabric wreath.
- Google reader. I've been slowly moving all the blogs I read in there. (I'm not doing it in bulk because I'm going through everything and weeding out what I don't need anymore or blogs that haven't updated in a while).


g-girl said...

yay for another kid free night! :) you're ready for 3 kids? I think they're ready for you too. ;) love the wreath. that is so cool! and the modge podge pumpkin!

Tara said...

Definitely enjoy your free nights! 3 kids is going to be awesome, but those kid-free nights are going to be few and far between for a long time :)

Amelah said...

Oy! Those shoes are too cute!! Active eh? Do i sense another hockey player?!?!