Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After receiving just bills and junk mail for what seems like ever recently, I finally got something fun in the mail today. I ordered this ring online a few weeks back, from a designer in Israel. What's really cool is that she hails from Haifa, where my father was born. Being the web geek that I am... I totally love my new ring.


Mack's been into making phone calls lately. He tells me whom he wants to call and we call them. Luckily, it's me who has to dial the numbers, or he'd be calling the other side of the world for sure. Usually the person on the other end (mainly family) can barely hear him as he talks with such a sweet innocent little voice.

I started cutting a LOT of rectangles today for an upcoming sewing project. I wanted to cut & iron all my rectangles before diving into the sewing portion. It's mainly Christmas I am thinking about. It seems like the list of people to give gifts to gets longer & longer each year. I want to put together little gift bags with different things in it - including some handmade items (a touch of love!), hence where my sewing skills come in handy. I will post details once I get that all sorted out. I'm also doing a few swaps right now, and thought I'd make some extra items for the swaps as well. Can never go wrong with handmade items.

Besides actually getting the sewing stuff organized, I had a long list of things to do today. I didn't get most of it done, but that's okay, the only main important thing on that list was getting the laundry folded, and I did take care of that. I'm starting to find that my energy is not so much there anymore now that I'm in my 3rd trimester. Though, what I didn't do today, could always get done tomorrow or the day after. There wasn't anything too important on that list.

Today’s Link Love:
- I would LOVE a sewing nook like this. I would also like to know who on earth has extra closet space like this just to have a nook like this!? I wish!
- I have another 5 point Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Code for you: BJQRFNCNMCNPPGB. I received in the mail today 2 rewards I redeemed from this program. I now have 2 coupons for free Jumbo Packs of Huggies Diapers. Can never say no to free diapers, especially now that I'll have a 3rd child going through diapers.
- I love that Bloglines will remain open for 1 more month. (I got notified via email a few days ago apparently in my old email account that my bloglines account was hooked up to) Now I don't have to stress about finding another feed reader before Friday. I'm not 100% sure about Google Reader. Does anyone use anything else?
- Love that the new Habs Captain has been named the one & only Brian Gionta. Last year I was in mourning over the loss of Captain Saku Koivu, so I didn't replace him in my heart. I think it's finally time to move on!


Tara said...

Aw, Mack's face is PRICELESS! :) I agree, that sewing nook is beautiful. But honestly, WHO has the time/space/money to put something like that together???

Lisa (JeepGirl) said...

Ellie does the same thing with the phone! She *has* to talk to whomever I'm on the phone with! Kids are so cute!

I'm so glad to hear that all is well!

Very cool ring!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I switched to Google Reader from Bloglines a long time ago, and I've been quite happy since. The export didn't take more than five minutes. :) I can't remember how I did it, but I'm sure you can google it. :)

And I wanted to tell you that I made your mother-in-law's apple cake today, and it was wonderfully delicious! Thank you for sharing!!

g-girl said...

cool ring! :) i saw that bloglines was going to remain open for another month. i already made the switch though. i tried looking for other readers but couldn't find one. lmk if you hear of another one!

Bea said...

Cool ring. It seems really appropriate for you.

Amelah said...

Awesome ring!! Web geek :P

Mackie has not called me :(

Aw creative idea to make people stuff. I don't know yet what we are doing, most people are a bit broke this year. Every year we say we aren't going to splurge and people do anyways. Sigh.

That reminds me, i need to borrow a sample of Sean & Mackenzie pants. One of each. :D Just for sizing purposes.