Thursday, September 30, 2010

09.30.10 :: 119 weeks old

Mack is 119 weeks old today.

The weather has been really dreary around here lately. It's been raining pretty much all week. The mood has been the same lately too - I find the rain does that. It's nice that it's raining and all - since we barely had any rain all summer long (with restrictions on watering your lawn on top of it), hopefully the rain will end soon though.

I saw my OB today, and while I passed my glucose test on Monday with flying colors, and do not have gestational diabetes (I wasn't worried, I didn't have it with Sean or Mackenzie's pregnancies) but my tests came back with blood in my urine (yet, I still haven't actually bled because of the placenta praevia) and apparently I'm anemic. So now I have to take 2 pills twice a day until I deliver, and then they'll run blood work again and see if I'm still anemic. The anemia totally explains my extreme fatigue. I have to go now every 2 weeks to check in, and we'll shortly be scheduling my Csection. If my placenta doesn't move, (we're confirming that shortly as well) then I'll be having a Csection give or take 37 weeks, (unless I go into pre-term labor) and if it a miracle and moves, then we'll schedule it at 39 weeks, though, we joked that I've not made it past 38 & 37 weeks pregnant with Sean & Mack, so if my placenta does move, I'll probably still be having a baby earlier than 39 weeks, but that scheduling it at 39 weeks is protocol. I'll know more after my next ultrasound, which is coming up. However, from the position my placenta was sitting in last, we're not very optimistic that it will move, unfortunately. The other good but yet bad news is that I didn't gain a single pound since my last appointment a month ago. Good that I didn't gain weight, but does that mean the baby isn't growing? We'll know more at the next ultrasound about that too. If he's not growing, it's a result of my placenta sitting on the bottom, and not getting all the nutrients to help him grow.... I'll be nervously waiting to have my next ultrasound. Just knowing he's okay, will make me feel better, so I can stop worrying for a bit. Gosh, what else is the pregnancy gods going to throw at me? Bring it on. I'm ready. I can handle anything else you throw my way.

I hate my hair. HATE it. I can't do it like the way the girl who cut it styled it before I left the salon. My hair is not cooperating with me. I don't have time to style/manage it, which is why I cut it. But now it's not behaving. I've had short hair-do's before, but she didn't cut it the way I asked her to, she kinda improvised, and now I'm not 100% happy. Ugh. The battle of the hair... What to do?

I picked up a gorgeous bassinet from a friend today. I actually bought it off her. It's gorgeous. It's like a tiny little crib, that can rock, if I want it, or I can level it into place. It's solid dark brown wood, and just gorgeous. It came with a mattress, sheets, and bumper pads too as well as a comforter. I don't think I'll have a problem selling it after baby 3 outgrows it. (We're not planning to have any more kids, I cannot go through another high risk pregnancy. I'm not 25 years old anymore, like I was when pregnant with Sean and don't have the energy to go through this again, I see how this high rick pregnancy is taking it's toll on me).

After she got the bassinet in my van, I headed to the Family Corn Roast at the boys daycare. It was nice to see a few of Sean's friends parents, whom I am friends with. Things have been so busy lately, it was nice to catch up with them. We made some play dates, and Sean can't wait. I don't really know too many of the moms in Mack's class, yet, nor whom he's friends with. Mack is my quiet son. Totally different from Sean. Mack enjoys playing with Sean & his friends, so for now, we're golden. Plus some of Sean's friends have siblings Mack's age. Ran into another mom that I had no idea her daughter started Sept 1st at our daycare, and it was nice to see her too. I never run into her at drop off or pick-up. So odd. I guess we have totally different schedules.

Tonight Jamie had to take care of some work related stuff, so I continued working on those ideas I had for Christmas gifts. Slowly things are coming together. I realized tonight that I want to get a better iron, apparently I have a very basic model, and I want to be able to spray water and steam at the touch of a button. I also want to get my hands on a steamer, so I'm adding it to my Christmas wish list. Jamie's dad is good at finding sales and stuff, so I'll ask him to keep an eye out for me. If we find a really good deal, maybe I won't wait until Christmas.

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sapphireblue said...

I was 21 when I had my first child. A few weeks ago, when I was still pregnant, I said the same thing, "I'm not 21 anymore. I can't handle this pregnancy stuff like I used to." I was high-risk too. I had an incompetent cervix and gestational diabetes. Everything is ok now and he was worth every minute. I hope everything goes well for your little one.

g-girl said...

well, glad to hear you don't have gestational diabetes but sucks that you're anemic. does that mean you've always been or with just this pregnancy? hopefully at the next us you'll see that he's doing okay. as for your hair, could you just cut it shorter or will that not help at all? it'll grow back..

Bea said...

Well I'm glad you passed your glucose test. I'm sorry your anemic though. That sucks.

Tara said...

You've had 3 pregnancies in what - 4 years? Give yourself, and your body, a well-deserved rest before you make any decisions, sweetie. You've got a beautiful family, there's nothing wrong with sitting on your laurels either :)

Amelah said...

It has been raining is an understatement!! Wow!

Sorry to hear about the anemia. Hopefully it doesnt last long and it doesn't give you too much trouble.

This is from Kristin cutting it? I am really surprised on how unhappy you are! I have never had an issue with her :(

Or you can keep the bassinet for me....? :D

Amelah said...

PS not sure the model, but dumoulin has iron's, seems like an excess stock that they have been liquidated. Worth checking out?