Friday, October 01, 2010


October Calendars are ready! From left to right you have Spider by Carol, Pumpkins by Cynthia, Sunset by ScoutJ, Berries by Robyn (me!). Open the image you’d like, right click on the image, and save as your desktop background. Voila! Let me know if you use one, which one that is!

Recently, there was a UFO Sighting not too far from my house. While I don't find this too strange, because people can believe in whatever they want to believe, but the coo coo thing about it, is that the person who witnessed it, was the exact same DOCTOR who cut me open to deliver Mackenzie (as my doctor wasn't on call that night). Aren't I glad that I won't be delivering at that same hospital. Wouldn't want to go into labor before my scheduled Csection and then end up that he's on call. He's the very doctor who was making derogatory comments towards the nurse (or doctor, who knows what their status was) assisting the surgery, and our mouths dropped. The guy is just coo coo.

I had lunch today with my awesome knit friend Tara. I hadn't seen her in a while due to our crazy busy schedules and it was really good to catch up. We indulged in dessert and it was nice & relaxing. We totally have to get together again sometime soon before too much time elapses again.

On my way home from work today, my first disc of Knit Two ended, and I was so upset to realize that I had left the next disc on my desk at home.

My in-laws came for dinner tonight, with a homemade lasagna (oh, it was so delicious) and some containers of frozen meat sauce (my step-mother-in-law's family recipe) to have for later. (My step-mother-in-law rocks!) I'm starting to stock up on frozen meals for now as well as for after baby boy #3's birth. (Any mom's dream, right? To have easy to defrost meals for the family). I think that's honestly the best gift anyone could give a new or 2nd or 3rd (etc) time mom :: meals to freeze. 'Cuz when you come home from the hospital with a newborn (especially after a Csection) the last thing on your mind is cooking dinner. And even now, being on modified activity, standing on my feet too long to cook/bake is getting really hard.

This evening we were sitting with the kids watching tv and playing in the playroom. Mack and Jamie were talking, I had no idea what was going on, I was winding some yarn and talking with Sean. All of a sudden I hear:

Jamie: "Mack, go tell mommy what is broken".
Mack runs over to me and says: "Broken".
Me: "What's broken Mackie?"
Mack: "Broken firefuck".

I start to giggle. I then turn to Jamie and say: "Oh wow, that sounds like he just said fire f-u-c-k". (Spelling out the word fuck because we don't swear around the kids at all). Almost immediately Sean spells out loud: "F-U-C-K". Oh no!!! Thankfully he can't decipher spelling yet.... but we immediately tried to correct him and say "T-R-U-C-K" and play on the Firetruck word, but we were trying not to laugh so hard because honestly this whole thing was way too funny. And Mr. Mack needs to work on his pronunciation of his words.

... Gotta love what kids say!

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Today's Link Love:
- I love this doormat.
- I love this photo and the hat the baby is wearing.
- I love these dishes & the way they are displayed in the cupboard.
- I love this field guide.
- This adorably cute bag!

Wow, I can't believe it's October already. As of tomorrow I've got 9 weeks left until I'm full term (37 weeks), my target goal date for now. So far, besides the placenta praevia and the anemia diagnosis this week, I haven't had any praevia bleeding yet. I guess staying off my feet as much as I possibly can has been keeping everything in check. I have high hopes that I might be able to avoid pre-term labor. 9 weeks though... I better get started on slowly getting the nursery in order.


dawn said...

I agree...I would have never been able to keep a straight face.

g-girl said...

ufo sighting? really? i'll have to tell joey. he's into them. lol! the calendars look great! can't wait to dl them onto my desktop. :) i totally would not have been able to have kept a straight face! good save with sean though! funny doormat. LOVE the hat in that pic too!

Tara said...

It was awesome to see you, Robyn! I'll try to swing by and see you before the baby comes. Maybe bring some frozen meals for you too :)

Amelah said...

Awesome calender pics!!! Love the photography!

LOL too funny...firetruck :D A friend of mine from HS when she was 3 could not pronounce the word truck, it also came out as F-U-C-K and she was telling me her cousin used to ask her to keep repeating it and she had no idea why!

Hahaha the door mat! Cute!

Bine said...

Hi Robyn,
every day when I see my pumpkins on the desktop I smile. They´re so cute. Today I remembered that you wanted a comment. So here it is. Great picture really nice for the gray friday.....
have a nice day, Sabine