Wednesday, October 27, 2010



21°C (That's 70°F) outside? I was wearing a winter jacket yesterday and was freezing. This weather is really unbelievable. It was so warm today, that I went out without a jacket. Indian Summer?

Saw my OB today. What a useless check-up. We literally didn't do anything. And at first I was even forgotten about. Usually I'm seen right away by a nurse (I get weighed, they check my glucose level, they check my blood pressure, ask any other questions they might have) and then I go back and sit in the waiting room until my doctor has a room free to see me in. Today, after 40 minutes of waiting, I thought something was up, so I went to ask at the reception, and of course they marked I was here, but never pulled my file, so they forgot about me. Frustrating. But once I opened my mouth I was seen quite quickly. I was weighed (I'm officially swollen and retaining water) and she measured my belly. I'm measuring 33 weeks instead of 31 weeks (I'm 31 and a half weeks now). Right now this isn't a concern, we'll see at my next ultrasound if it's excess amniotic fluid or if baby boy is just bigger than what his brothers were at birth.

I got a phone call from the company that gives my warranty on my Sigma lens for my Nikon camera. Turns out that my lens was indeed defective and they are shipping me a brand new lens. Apparently the new lens has been tested and works. Let's hope.


Sean put his hand things he got at the Habs game on his feet, while we were watching a bit of the Habs game tonight before his bedtime (Habs won tonight!) Not even sure what these things are called, but it was too funny that he put them on his feet. Mack & I got a kick out of it!

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I leave you tonight with this video (Sean wanted to share it with you):


Amelah said...

Oy Sean cracks me up!! What a silly kid!

It was such a beautiful day today! Kind of refreshing!! I am sure withing a day or two we will be back to freezing cold!!

Funny video!!

Tara said...

I know what you mean about the weather. I thought it might snow on Tuesday, then yesterday I was outside in a T-Shirt. Weird!

Anonymous said...

Fall is like that. Lovely one day, freezing the next. I guess it helps us acclimate to winter.

We call those foam fingers. I don't know if that is the correct term, though.


Lisa (JeepGirl) said...

Hey - not too much longer for the baby!!! Yay!!! I'm glad you spoke up and they got to see your right away!

I hate when that happens. I actually had to leave when I waited so long for the doctor once.

Lisa (JeepGirl) said...

hmmmm i tried to leave a comment so i apologize if this is a repeat!

you are getting so close now! can't wait for that beautiful boy to make his entrance!!!

kristo said...

Kaylen says "thank you" to Sean for sharing that video. I had to tell her that watching it three times in a row is enough. ;)

Julie said...

So odd to hear about other people's weather. Yesterday it was in the 70's here and today it is just above freezing--burrr.
Cute video clip, my kids loved it.

g-girl said...

lol. did those habs hand things make his feet warm at least? teehee. sucks about the wait at your OB's office. how annoying that you had to remind them you were even there!

margaret law said...

Awesome video. Love it.
Margaret L.

Bea said...

Glad your camera was a defect and they are sending you a new one without the expense for you. Maybe its good baby boy is a bit big since he'll be a bit early.

Rosebelleknits said...

We've been having an indian summer here too.