Tuesday, October 12, 2010



I love this time of the year. Fall is by far my fave season.


Today in my sewing class I made this awesome pleated pouch (tutorial here).
Great easy pattern. Loved learning pleats.

Since I came with all my fabric cut out & ready to go, I came with something else ready to go.

I received this "tea wallet" a bunch of years ago as a gift.
I searched online high & low for a pattern to make some of these.
I could only find variations like this. (I wanted smaller).


So we made our own pattern, and tried it out. This is how it came out (above). I still have a few "kinks" to work out to make it work, (unless someone knows where I can find the pattern online?) and hope to make a bunch of these to go with a few other things I'm making as some holiday gifts for certain people. Trying to go a little more "handmade" this year.


I started a new project a few nights ago. It's this shawl pattern, Magnificent Mantle. I'm making it as a comfort shawl for my neighbor whom will be going through a double mastectomy in a few weeks. This is a really quick project.



I had another ultrasound today.
Baby boy is doing well.
Even some of his measurements were measuring a few days earlier.
Have no idea what you're looking at above?
At first I had no idea either...


Here it is flipped & zoomed in. It's baby boy's face! Total 'alien' shot though! I can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like. Will he have blonde hair & blue eyes like his brothers? Will he have my button nose like both my boys do too?

There is some good news too! My placenta - miraculously - somehow moved a bit. Was totally not expecting this, as where my placenta was sitting previously. They now have me classified as partial placenta praevia - so things are looking brighter. I will know more tomorrow after I see my doctor what this all entails. I guess all that staying off my feet and obeying my doctor actually has paid off. Though, even if my placenta does move completely off my cervix - I have absolutely no interest in Vbac. I've experienced both a natural (with epidural) birth for Sean, and an emergency Csection with Mackenzie, after about 30+ hours of labor each child (for a combined 65 hours of labor). I have absolutely no interest in having another 30+ hour labor to have baby 3. No thanks.

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Barb said...

I LOVE that little pouch!! seeing all your sewing stuff makes me want to find a fabric store (the closest one to me moved) and dig out my sewing machine and make cute bags!!....I should figure out how to make sock project bags...;p

Tara said...

Well, that's excellent news! So glad that things are looking up in terms of the placenta previa. Can't wait to meet the new little guy!

g-girl said...

the tea wallet is cute. love the color you picked out for your neighbor's comfort shawl. SO glad to hear your placenta moved a bit. that's awesome. :)

kim said...

So glad to hear your placenta has moved a bit!!

Amelah said...

Awesome fall pic! Love the coloring!

Ooh i like the pleated pouch! I like your version of the tea bag - i have that same fabric! I think we got it at Walmart last year while on our Rhinebeck trip eh?

I find ultra sound pictures so confusing to look at!

Jennifer said...

so glad to read about the placenta move!! keep up the good baking work, momma.. your following the dr's orders are paying off in such a great way!

Bea said...

Congrats on the placenta! Good news!

I like the little pouch you made. That's a cute design.