Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Mack in his new fall coat. (Actually it was bought for Sean last year, but someone was a tad picky about what he wore, so I put it away for Mackenzie). Mackenzie looks so cute in this jacket. This jacket is actually probably warm enough to be a winter jacket, however, it has no hood, so I won't be using it as a winter jacket. Mack's got 2 of Sean's winter jacket/pant sets to wear this winter. Mack's kinda in between sizes, so he might fit into Sean size 2 suit from 2 winters ago, or maybe even Sean's size 3 from last winter. I pulled them both out, have some velcro to sew back on, on one of them, and then it's good as new. Not sure if it'll make it to baby 3 though, to use when he fits into it, but I'll see how it ends up after this upcoming winter is over.

For Sean though, I had to get a new snow suit set as we didn't have anything in size 4. Sean picked out this Spiderman set (it came with black snow pants) a few weeks ago. It's been really cold outside lately, so since his fall jacket is starting to get a little too chilly to wear, he started wearing his winter jacket. I'll have to knit him a hat that matches.

Mack started hacking up a lung last night. So I called our doctor's office first thing in the morning and managed to find out that our doctor is back from her maternity leave, and got squeezed in to see her this afternoon. Mack's lungs were clear, and the cough is just a dry superficial one. He'll be going back to daycare tomorrow.


Pattern: Magnificent Mantle by Crochet Kitten (Ravelry Link)
For: My neighbor/friend Jana
Yarn: 2.4 skeins of Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash in 805 Violet
Hook: 6.0 mm (J)
Size: 52" wide x 26" long (middle down)
Timeline: October 10-18, 2010
Modifications: Followed pattern as published, though, the pattern has some parts that are poorly written. Once those parts were deciphered, the rest was smooth sailing.
Opinion: I love it. I hope my neighbor likes it, and it keeps her cozy during her double mastectomy in November.



I did some errands while out with Mackenzie today after his doctor's appointment, and probably should not have gone into my local yarn shop (looking for a magazine that they don't carry - that issue of Yarn Forward that I posted about the other day). Cuz I walked out with some hand dyed yarn called Distinct Fibers, which apparently his hand dyed in Pointe-Claire, Quebec (that's all the sign said). Above is the Jasmin color, and below you have the Autumn Leaves color. There is great yardage (437 yards) in this yarn, so I am thinking they'll end up being a shawl.


I decided that I am ready to reclaim my body back as my own. Hurry up weeks, fly by faster, I'd like to bring baby boy into this world already. (And I miss sleeping on my stomach). I can do without the lower back pain and the leg cramps. I can do without the anemia medication (which is so difficult to take on an empty stomach when you're pregnant and constantly hungry). I'm ready. Bring on the sleepless nights & the every 2-3 hour feedings. I'm ready. Just.a.few.more.weeks.

Today's Link Love;
- This super cute onesie tutorial.
- Love this Crib Organizer.
- Love this I-spy bag tutorial.


Amelah said...

Love both their jackets! Mackenzie is too cute!

That I Spy thing is cool! Never seen something like it before?!?!

Nice scarf - awesome job.
I need to figure out what to make next [other then fixing that headband].

Maaike said...

I'm so glad that you like the yarn, it was fun to dye and it's so cool to see it being bought and used by REAL knitters. Let me know how you like knitting it.

Tara said...

Oh wow! Maaike dyed it? Small world, eh? :) LOVE the Spiderman snow suit, btw.

Jennifer said...

I'm so far behind on posts! Ok, today is YOUR DAY for me to catch up! :)

1. I love Mack's jacket!

2. The shawl turned out amazing! I'm sure she'll love it and appreciate all the work you put into it.

3. So cool! You bought Maaike's yarn! I love the colors, I wanted to steal it when she showed it to me!!

4. Please mark your calendar with the date of this post, so when you're up for your millionth late-night, every-2-hr feeding, and dying for just 5 seconds of sleep, wondering why the hell you did this to yourself...you can look back and remember the day you said you'd take that over being pregnant just a few more weeks ;D

Jennifer said...

5. That i-spy thing is AWESOME!!

g-girl said...

i love mack's coat! :) I like sean's new spiderman snow suit too! i hope the mantle brings your neighbor great comfort. :)

dawn said...

Mack looks like such a little man in that coat. My boys would love the spiderman jacket. The triangle scarf turned out beautifully.

Bea said...

I like the little coat in the first picture. Too bad it has no hood. He looks so cute.