Monday, October 04, 2010

10.04.10 :: 196 weeks old

Sean is 196 weeks old.

It might be October, but there is still beauty in our garden.

I've recently wound some some yarn into balls... so many things to knit.
Neither one of these 3 are for the same project.
I've been finding the hand winding into balls very therapeutic.
(Though I do have a ball winder & swift).

Mack's totally into posing for the camera lately. He'll ask "take picture please?" (it's so cute), but then when I get my camera, it results in him sticking out his tongue. He cracks me up.

Today’s Link Love:
- Yet another Pampers Gift to Grow Point code; 10PTSFREECODE4U
- And yet another Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Code: BJQTWZMFQJWFPGB
(They've really been on the roll with free points lately!)
- This photo is really cute.
- This tea bag holder wallet tutorial is really cute. I received a tea bag wallet that holds 2 tea bags once, and I was looking to re-create it, but can't find a pattern online for two tea bags. Does anyone of any?
- Love both the photo and the fact that the flowers were crafted.
- I love this own stuffie. (Tutorial how to make one).
- Love this baby Owl Tag Baby Toy. So cute. (But of an owl kick lately).
- Love these pinwheel coasters too.
- Love that after seeing this on Etsy, (for 48$ USD), I found the FREE pattern.

Tried using a round brush to blow dry my hair tonight. Thought maybe I could try to replicate the way it looked when I got it cut at the salon. Yeah right. Not sure I understand how to coordinate my hands to use both the blow drier and the round brush at the same time. Anyone got any tips or tricks? Maybe I just need to find a video on YouTube on how to use a round brush while blow drying your hair... Hmm...


dawn said...

Hmmm I don't know about the hair dryer and round brush. I try to stay away from blow driers as they create lion hair for me. Good luck on finding that video!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Thanks for the Braidy Cowl free pattern link. I think that would make wonderful (and easy!) Christmas gift knitting.

Sandra said...

thanks for the link to the owl stuffie - so cute!

Tara said...

Maxime has been doing the same thing lately (asking me to take a picture). I've got LOTS of photos of Monster Maxou, Zombie Maxou or Silly Maxou! lol

halloweenlover said...

I'm waiting for your next ultrasound. When is it again?

I think your hair looks super cute in that picture! Is that after the round brush? I hate bad haircuts, it is the worst. I'm going through a series of repairing haircuts after a particularly bad haircut which left me with 79 layers. I HATE layers.

Hope you're feeling good! Any closer to a name for cutie pitootie number 3?

Jennifer said...

love so many of these links and shared a few on my fb as i have a bunch of crafty friends who i know will appreciate them!

as for the round brush and hair dryer awkwardness.. i know just what you mean. i had the same problem when i first started using it. no tricks, but all i can say is that it totally gets easier. just keep practicing.

Amelah said...

That flower is absolutely gorgeous [as i told you on FB]. Love the purpleness!

How long does it take you to wind?!?!? I need more project ideas! Been at a loss lately.

Cute. I saw a tutorial once some where too for tea bags!

Amelah said...

PS - i live for my round brush and blow dry...i can show you next time how i do my hair?

g-girl said...

i'm not that coordinated also! i've tried it before-round brush and blow dryer + me= bad medicine. lol. could jamie help? teehee! LOVE the tea bag wallet. that's genius. :)

chudoland said...

Thanks for link of cowl. I loved it.

Your son is so cute!

Bea said...

Why did I not realize that Sean is almost 4? I guess I did because Mack is two but it didn't really register until just now.