Saturday, October 09, 2010

10.09.10 :: 29 weeks pregnant


29 weeks pregnant today.
I'm now starting to feel like I'm carrying around a watermelon or basketball.


Saturday (late) morning cartoons. GLUED to the tv.


This afternoon (into evening) we had a wedding to attend. My in-laws came and babysat my kids, with my step-niece and a relative from Toronto that wanted to see the kids and is staying at my in-laws place. They had quite the slew of babysitters tonight!


The wedding was for a co-worker of Jamie's (whom used to be my co-worker way back when). I've known the groom for a good 14 years, if not more. It was a really lovely small wedding. We had a nice evening.

Jamie and I tonight at the wedding.
I really can't wait to have baby boy, as I'm ready to reclaim my body back as my own.

The strangest thing happened to us just before 9pm. We didn't think anything of it, as the waiters that were there (whom were practically useless anyhow, as it was a buffet style dinner), started to clear EVERYTHING from our table. One of the waiters brought over a plastic cup, and asked Jamie to pour his wine into it, so he could take away the wine glass. WHAT?! For real? He wanted Jamie to drink his wine out of a plastic cup? Jamie gave the guy a piece of his mind, and poured himself more wine into the wine glass. He told the guy, that when he was done, he could have the wine glass. The guy said that he was cleaning up, and as they were packing up. At 9pm? The wedding was no where near over. (We had no intentions of staying late, but we weren't leaving that second). Jamie said that their job was to serve the guests until the wedding was over, and that the wedding was clearly not over. The dancing on the dance floor had JUST begun even. The guy huffed a little and then walked away. About 5 minutes later another waiter came over and asked Jamie to pour his wine glass into the plastic cup so he could take the wine glass away. At this point, I think Jamie was half laughing and half furious! We couldn't believe it! And they were VERY quick to take away your cake plate once you were done your slice. Almost as if they were hunched over you watching and took the plate away before you even put down your fork from the last bite. I took the catering company's card that was on our table as a reminder to NEVER hire them for any which reason. (The waiters and catering company were from the same company).

I think my mom got a really funny photo of Jamie and I from tonight, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get a copy of the digital photo. There was also some family photos taken, but those were on my sister's camera. And a table photo was taken, which apparently will be on the photographer's website soon as well, so I'll post all these as I receive them. Since the groom works for my dad, (since we're in the family business), and my brother & sister work there too - we were all invited to the wedding. Our table tonight consisted of all my immediate family, plus Jamie, my sister's boyfriend and my brother's date, who was fun to sit next to. I've never really talked to her much before, but my brother's known her for years from school.


g-girl said...

the favors look cute-great colors! what strange waiters. i'm sure in a few days maybe you'll get an explanation for why they were like that? your hair is growing so quickly!

Tara said...

I was at a wedding on Sunday (doing a little freelance photography!), and the waiters would take away my plate while I was still chewing my last bite! Still, they left me my wine glass though. lol!

Amelah said...

Wasn't that strange unfortunately - it was a wedding on a budget and they caterers were only hired until 9:00 pm. Can't blame them for wanted their wine glass back as they supplied them :S I get the frustration, but what can you do when you have a specific budget?!

Was a nice wedding though. Paul deserved it and Kristy is a lovely woman! Better then his ex!!!

Bea said...

Part of it could be that they paid the caterers/waiters for a certain amount of time. A couple hours maybe and then when that time was nearing closed they wanted to go because they weren't getting paid for extra. Not really an excuse as far as I see, just a possibility.