Friday, October 22, 2010



Today Sean had to bring in flags to school for Show & Tell to talk about his nationality and background. There is quite the nice mix of countries and religions in Sean's class - which I am glad about. Sean brought in a Canadian flag, since he was born here, as well as his parents, and most of his grandparents. However, his Papa (my dad) was born in Israel. I didn't have an Israeli flag on hand to send Sean to school with, so I made one. I found a picture on the internet, and printed it up. Do you notice anything about the construction?


Yep, that's right what you're seeing. A size US10 knitting needle from my "odd jar or needles" stash. It worked beautifully to make a flag!


Pattern: Munchkin Hat by Jeannie Kubricht (My Ravelry Link)
: A photo prop for after Baby 3 is born
Yarn: .40 skein of Red Heart Ltd. Eco-Ways Bamboo Wool in Ivory and .40 skein of Red Heart Ltd. Eco-Ways Bamboo Wool in Peacock
Needles: US 8 - 5.0 mm
Size: for a very small headed newborn
Timeline: October 22, 2010 (One evening of knitting)
Modifications: Knit pattern as written.
Opinion: It's very cute. Great hat pattern. This hat is a photo prop only though, would be dangerous for a newborn or any baby to actually wear. I will be using it for photography purposes only. This was a very quick knit. Use this tutorial for the tassel. I am usually not a fan of Red Heart yarns (cuz most of them are acrylic) but this yarn is 55% Bamboo and 45% Wool and it’s super soft. I took out both my kids medical record books. My first born, Sean’s head circumference at birth was 33.4 cm. He was 5 lbs 5 oz. at birth. My 2nd son, Mack’s head circumference at birth was 33.5 cm. He was 6 lbs 4 oz. at birth. If baby 3 is any larger, this hat will NOT fit him. So… I am thinking about re-knitting this hat, with a larger needle size.


Today's Link Love & Random Thoughts:
- Here is one more Pampers Gifts to Grow code for 10 points: Pampersgtg10pts
- I saw this banana slicer and totally want one. Too bad doesn’t ship to Canada. Has anyone ever seen one? Where can I buy one?
- My sister introduced me to this photography blog, the guy takes amazing pictures.
- Went for a manicure & Pedicure with 2 mommy friends this morning. The pedicure was very needed as I can't reach my feet any longer. Too bad being pregnant meant I couldn't use the massage chair while getting my pedicure. Next time!
- Had lunch with my sister today as I was craving good salad bar, it was nice to go out for lunch!
- Don't forget that I'm having a contest to win a ton of awesome prizes! If you want to win, just simply leave a comment anywhere on this blog until midnight, Oct 31st, 2010, as I'll be drawing winners on Monday, November 1st, 2010. Good luck!


Pinkmin said...

Cute hat!

Why can't you use the massage chair? I did all the time when pregnant. It always really helped my back pain!

Barb said...

cute hat!

Lacey said...

Good thinking with the needle as a flag pole. How cool that your Pop was born in Israel. I'm such an American mutt- we only know our history back to my greats. After that, who knows?? :D

Open Roads Mama said...

omg, that munchkin hat is so adorable! I love it!

Amelah said...

Cute hat - and I am not just saying that because there is blue in it LOL :D

Hahaha love the flags, especially the knitters one :P

Amelah said...

PS - was nice having lunch with you too! We should do it more often!

g-girl said...

it just goes to show that knitting needles are very versatile. :) cute munchkin hat. i was surprised that you used red heart..

Anonymous said...

Great idea to use the knitting needle as a flag pole.

The hat is adorable. It would be fun to make one for each of the boys for pictures.


Tara said...

Cute hat! Not that you need props to take great baby pictures :)

Lindsey said...

oh my that little hat is adorable!

Threadless said...

Love the flags - how fun!

The banana slicer made me laugh. It's a cute idea, but seriously? You know by the time you use it and wash it, it would be just as fast to grab a paring knife and cut those nanners! (Or perhaps just for me, since I'm totally OCD about washing kitchen tools and I'd take 10 minutes on that.)

Nicole said...

That hat is adorable!

Bea said...

Love the munchkin hat. So cute!

Also the knitting needle was a great idea.