Saturday, October 30, 2010

10.30.10 :: 32 weeks pregnant // 8 months


32 weeks pregnant // 8 months.


I was thinking about going as Juno for Halloween?
What do you think?
I don't even need to stuff my belly under my shirt!


This morning Sean had his Halloween skating class (however he decided not to wear his costume skating, which is fine, because only a handful of the kids were dressed up). Sean did extremely well skating without the bar again today. So very proud of him.


This afternoon I worked on some workbooks with Sean. He is really getting the hang of tracing the letters to help his skills. I really like these workbooks I got.

This evening we carved 2 pumpkins.
Sean had a lot of fun cleaning out the insides of it.
(I plan to roast the seeds)! YUM.


He was so proud of his work. (My dad helped him cut out the face).


These are our 2 pumpkins! So not putting them out on mat night.


This evening I looked outside to see SNOW on my car!!
I couldn't believe it. Snow. On the night before Halloween.
In my almost 30 years on this planet, I don't think we've ever had snow before Halloween.
(That I can remember anyhow).

I've been working on Vestee. Making great progress. Stay tuned.

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robngord said...

Brr! Cold here in S. Ontario but no snow yet! Hope you are having fun this Halloween - Eli (my 2 yo) is running to the neighbours yelling "Pleeease!" - very cute!

Drea said...

I just saw JUNO again on TV and I cried LOL during the scene where the adoptive mother gets the baby.. so touching! the movie was a bit odd tho, Junos humor I didnt get LOL but it reminded me a lot of our youth in ohio.

U look cute!

Julie said...

Did you decide to go with or without the hood? Here in Indiana it always seems to sleet or send down a sprinkling of snow a few days before Halloween. Then on the big night it is absolutely gorgeous or pouring rain. Tonight it was absolutely lovely.

Lacey said...

I bet S had a great time pulling out all those squishy guts. Ewww. I hate that part when we carve ours. Funny that you have snow- we had to toss ours before Halloween because we carved last week (couldn't wait), and they got moldy and icky soo fast. It was 84 degrees F today when I got in my car. That's a far cry from snow!

Lindsey said...

hey robyn -
OMG i can't believe you got snow BEFORE halloween. that is crazy!!! i would have loved to see you dressed like juno...too cute!

we have emailed back and forth before and i was in your latest round of color swap. my email is

g-girl said...

lol. i love that you're going as juno for halloween. do you have a striped top like hers?? snow the night before halloween?? crazy. here it always rains. this year, it didn't though-the rain came late friday night instead! looks like sean had fun carving pumpkins! he looks so serious working on those J's!

Amelah said...

Aw I didn't know mom and dad were going over for some pumpkin carving! I totally would have joined! Oh well!!

Sean is too smart!!! Looks like he is doing well and will be reading & writing before you know it!!

Bea said...

Juno could be interesting. I'm too late of course :)

Anonymous said...

We had snow on October 23 in 96. It had rained for several days before that, so the trees were soaked. It was a wet snow, so there were a lot of broken branches and power outages. It was a little adventure for us. My son was two months shy of four and my daughter was five days old. We put blankets on the doorways to the family room, had a fire in the fireplace and all slept in there. We were lucky to only be without power for about 12 hours. It came back on at about 2:30 am. It is a fun memory. By Halloween the snow had melted and it wasn't too cold.


Rosebelleknits said...

Cute pumpkins!

You look great 8 mos pregnant!


kim said...

Logan just informed me the other day he wants to play hockey! I told him he has to learn how to skate first!

Tara said...

We've had snow on the ground before, believe me. Just none that stayed on the ground, heh. I roasted my pumpkin seeds for the first time this year! OMG so delicious! I had no idea!