Monday, October 11, 2010

10.11.10 :: 197 weeks old

Sean is 197 weeks old today.

This morning we went out for brunch for my father-in-law's birthday. It's nice to see family that we don't get to see often. I really enjoyed my meal at this restaurant. They were crazy busy though because of it being Thanksgiving. Luckily we had a reservation.

Mack was content coloring before the food came.

He was so concentrated, he wouldn't even look up to take a picture with Daddy.

Sean practiced writing his name while waiting for the food to come. He's got almost all his name pretty good. He has to work on the direction he's writing it - but he's got the formation of the letters. I am so proud of him. Last week I picked him up some work books to work on writing letters & numbers too. He's already asked me to learn to read & write. I love how smart this kid is.

I am sure it won't be much longer before Mackie is asking to learn to read & write too. He's really picking up on talking fuller sentences these days, and he impresses me by the day as well.

Just before dinner Mack was upstairs watching Caillou in my bedroom. After a while I realized it was WAY too quiet upstairs, and I was sure the episode had ended. To my surprise, Mack was out cold. He's given up his weekend nap lately (not too happy about it) so late afternoon he's beat. Sean doesn't nap, so why should he - he figures. Monkey see, Monkey do. Sean gave up his weekend naps around 2 years old, Mack's almost 2 and a half now. Luckily Mack still naps daily at daycare, and Sean does - on occasion, though he seems to be giving up that too, for the longest time he did nap at daycare, but not so much lately anymore, unfortunately. When did your child give up their nap? What age?

Today's Link Love:
- I love Soule Mama’s library space! I wish I had a space like this in my house!
- Love this spooky graveyard dip recipe!
- Love the book I started last night, Love in Mid-Air by Kim Wright.
- Love this Ring Pincushion Tutorial.
- Love these Woven Button Coasters, but don't think I'd have the patience to make one or any.
- Cute idea - baby shower gift idea?
- Love this photo.
- My reviews are finally up for Two Years, No Rain & Jessica Z.! I will be giving away a copy of Jessica Z. during my blogaversary blow out bash - which the actual date of my blogaversary is October 21st, 2010 - 5 years of blogging daily (minus my 2 hospital stays for the birth of my children, and a one week blog vacation I took this past summer while out of town).

Today is our Canadian Thanksgiving. We actually didn't celebrate Thanksgiving this year as we had too much going on this weekend, so maybe next year. Usually we do Thanksgiving dinner at some point over the long weekend with Jamie's step-family, but every one seemed to be busy this year. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you whom do celebrate!


sapphireblue said...

Crayons and paper are a lifesaver at a restaurant.

Tara said...

Émilie stopped napping at about 4, but Maxime is pretty much done with the nap now (even though he still needs it), and he's three and a half. I miss nap time!

g-girl said...

that definitely is an awesome library space! hey, mack's coloring page is a kitty with yarn. :) glad sean is making progress on writing his name. glad you're loving the book! :)

dawn said...

My oldest napped till like 3 and the youngest quit napping at around 2. Wow Mack sure was concentrating big cute!

Amelah said...

Which restaurant did you go to? Happy belated birthday Marvin!

I love holidays on week day :)

YEAH for nap time :)

Very interesting dip!

Bea said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! (I'm pretending I'm not two weeks late with this...)