Sunday, October 03, 2010


This morning my husband decided to start cleaning up the garage to see if we could fit both his car & my mini van into the garage (they do fit - yey!) and we brought a ton of stuff into the house. Stuff that probably should have been in the house in the first place. Stuff that got used outside of the house and then brought back home, but then dumped into the garage. I have a huge pile of stuff to still organize that came in, but I finally started to do a bit of re-organization so that I could put Baby 3's Bassinet (that I borrowed from my cousin) in my office. I wanted one in here, so that I could have him close while napping, and I could get some stuff done in my office. We have a 2nd bassinet - which I got as a gift (though we bought it 2nd hand), that will go in our bedroom. The 2nd one, is a gorgeous dark brown solid wood, that looks like a mini-crib, and has the option to rock. It's gorgeous. We need to do some re-organizing in the bedroom in order to get that set up, more stuff on our to-do list before baby 3's arrival. It feels good to re-organize and move things around. Gives the room a new look, something fresh. I like it.

Today we had one of the Three Musketeers Birthday party to attend. (Sean and two buddies at school are very good friends). They had a blast at the gym it was held at. (Above Sean is jumping into a sponge pit - if I wasn't over 7 months pregnant, I'd want to do the same thing too!)

I enjoy kids birthday parties too - it's nice catching up with Sean's friends parents whom I don't get to see very often. When you're around toddlers all day, it's nice for some adult conversation as well, even if you end up talking about your kids.

Sean had fun making noise with some party horns.

Mack didn't want to hear it.

But then after some cake was in a good mood himself.

We had some time today to play hopscotch in our front yard before bedtime.

It was Sean's request for me to draw the hopscotch game.
I haven't played in years.
(Though, rather difficult for me to play it now, so I watched my boys play).

Well friends, it's that time of the year again... the Habs flag has come out of it's summer storage place, and is now hanging above our garage on the patio railing. I'm very excited for the new season to start, GO HABS GO!

The kids went to bed early tonight as we've had a really busy weekend which resulted in absolutely no napping for either boy (which I hope to not let happen again next weekend - though next weekend is jammed packed with more stuff going on, as is the entire month of October - next thing I know, it'll be Halloween). After the kids were sound asleep, Jamie and I sat on the couch and caught up on a bunch of shows we watch together. I worked on the sample knit, as I'm just dying to get that over with already... and was trying to dodge more alpaca up my nose. Ick!

My SD1200 is now resting in peace. It was slightly busted inside the battery door, a piece was broken off to hold the battery down. The camera was still usable for a while now, without that piece, but somehow the actual battery door (where the SD memory card rests as well while the camera is in use), somehow totally came off today when I went to go dump some photos off my camera onto my computer. Anticipating the 1200's funeral, (may it rest in peace), a while ago, I picked up an SD1300 when it was on sale (at a place I could also get points at). This is the exact same camera, but now instead of 10.0 MP I now have 12.1 MP, allowing for better printing capabilities. I absolutely LOVE this line of pocket cameras, and have absolutely no complaints about it. I still shoot with my Nikon D60, but you can't exactly stick the D60 in your pocket, like you can with the SD1300, and sometimes I enjoy a pocket sized camera as well. (What photographer doesn't love a toy?)


Tara said...

Go Habs Go! I can't wait for Thursday's game, we're going to kick the Leafs' ass!!! Woot!

g-girl said...

oh mack's cuteness shines in today's blog post! :) RIP SD1200.

sapphireblue said...

Those baby eyes are so adorable.

Amelah said...

Awesome! I totally would have jumped with him too!! Looks like fun.

GO HABS GO! Hoping for a good season this year.

Oh wow, since the SD1000 how many have you had lol. I am still on my SD1000 although, the picture quality with flash ain't the greatest anymore. They are coming out really odd. I will show you next time i see you, maybe you have any suggestions? Not ready for a funeral of my own just yet!

Bea said...

Gosh that sponge pit looks like a lot of fun.