Wednesday, October 13, 2010



I have a thing for numbers.
There's been a bunch of number things this week.
Sunday was 10-10-10.
Today I hit 2222 km in my car.
I like numbers. They're fun.

I picked up some new magazines today (along with some white chocolate - my fave). Just what the doc ordered in the next few days - a sit down with some chocolate & some knitting magazine to read.

I saw my OB today. My placenta moving is good news, I am now at lesser risk for some things, but still not off the hook just yet. I am still not allowed bending or lifting and have to still remain off my feet as much as possible, as I could still bleed with partial praevia. We aren't booking any Csection date just yet, we'll do so after my next Ultrasound in a few weeks to see what my placenta does. My belly measured a little larger than what I should be at - so hopefully baby boy doesn't grow too large - she's going to keep an eye on that. I also gained a tiny bit since my last appointment, so we're not worried anymore about the weight issue (of me not gaining any). Phew! She also explained to me about the pressure I've been feeling and how it's on my "such and such" bone and that the pain won't be getting any better until I deliver. Fun. I've really been in a LOT of pain lately "down there". It's very uncomfortable, and I can't walk far distances anymore. I also stopped driving anywhere too far, because it gets really uncomfortable. I do short distances only, and I think I'll keep it that way just to be safe. Better be safe than sorry. Especially because of my leg cramps too. I really don't want to get a leg cramp and be in the car driving. That will not be good. So short distances is ok.

Baby boy has been VERY active today. He hasn't stopped moving. Some days are really quiet with some active moments here and there. Today, he just has been moving a lot. While I absolutely adore feeling him move inside, I am so done being pregnant. It's the uncomfortableness of being this pregnant. No position is comfortable anymore, especially not sleeping. I'm honestly ready to reclaim my body back. Just a few more weeks...


Here is the last update on the shawl I'm crocheting for my neighbor.

I've made some progress on the shawl since these photos - hopefully it will be done soon, so I can give it to her. I really like the way it is coming out.

Today's Link Love:
- Susan Anderson has a great contest going on, on her blog. To win a copy of the latest KnitCircus, Gift Special Issue (I already have my copy!), go on over here to enter to win.
- I have a new 1 point Huggies Enjoy the Ride Reward Point Code for you: BGRCS-TFRDJ-GRPGB
- Saw Life As We Know It with some new mommy friends today. Very cute movie. I am a huge Josh Duhamel fan. I like Josh Lucas as well. One of the moms I met up with went to my high school (a grade older than me) and the other I've been chatting to on facebook, but met each other today for the first time. We both have 2006, 2008 & 2010 babies (well, she just had her 2010 baby and I'm having mine soon). It's nice to meet some new people (I didn't really know the mom who went to my high school when we were both at the high school). Refreshing. Good for the soul. Just what I needed. A nice afternoon out.


dawn said...

Wow, love the vibrant purple of that shawl! Good news on the're getting so close.

Tara said...

Knitting magazines and chocolate sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon!

g-girl said...

what's that magazine in the middle? i don't recognize it. sorry to hear you're SO uncomfortable...

Amelah said...

Ahh! New car! LOL only 2222!

Glad to hear there is some better news with your placenta! Sorry to hear you have constant pain tho :(

Can't wait to see that movie! Looks so funny!

Bea said...

Did you see there was some lady who had a baby on 08/08/08 and on 09/09/09 and then again on 10/10/10?