Sunday, October 31, 2010


Woke up to snow still on my car. I was told it snowed again a bit this morning.

After everyone left my parents house, we had a family lunch today instead of dinner since I wanted to take the boys trick or treating at dinner time, we tried on the boys costumes to make sure I didn't need to do any alterations before it was time to go out. The costumes fit them perfect.

And after struggling (yet again) to get them into the costumes, I couldn't get them out of them until it was time to actually go trick or treating tonight.

I had an hour at home before heading out to my sister & brother's area for trick or treating. I decided to go there this year (last year the boys were sick so we handed out candy and the year before we did our neighborhood) as it was way easier for me to go there than to walk further distances between houses. I had fun trick or treating with my two mini-spidermans tonight. I totally could have gone more if a) it wasn't so cold out and b) I wasn't 32 weeks pregnant. I felt such pressures "down there" by the time I got home, it's a good thing I'm not 37+ weeks pregnant, as I'm sure I would have gone into labor if so. (And I love whomever had this HABS pumpkin (above) out in front of their house - totally awesome!) The boys had matching Spiderman buckets to collect their candy in and the boys loved them.

... I'm totally going to be sick tomorrow. I started out this evening with a BAD headache (I am hoping it doesn't turn into a headache) and a runny nose. Totally coming down with something. So not happy about that, but I so had to take the boys trick or treating. They're only young once.

Progress on Vestee. It's 95% done. I just need to make the neckline band (which is knit separately then sewn on - not sure why you don't just pick up stitches off the neckline - but anyhow). I finally got the body done (that has been hibernating since my birthday in June). It's size 12 months, so baby boy 3 won't be wearing it until at least next fall. For all of you whom inquired, I am making the shawl collared version, not the hooded. I figured after someone made a comment that if baby 3 falls asleep without the hood on his head, it might bother him being bunched up or something, so I decided to go without the hood. I like it regardless. Totally cute. Almost done, thankfully.

Don't forget that I'm having a contest to win a ton of awesome prizes! If you want to win, just simply leave a comment anywhere on this blog until midnight, TONIGHT, Oct 31st, 2010, as I'll be drawing winners on Monday, November 1st, 2010. Good luck! Please note, even if you are logging into your blogger profile, not all of you have email addresses associated with it. Also - a lot of you have 100% blank blogger profiles. If I don't know who you are, you won't be able to win a prize. So please leave your information. Some of your profiles link to blank pages or don't link at all anywhere, so if I can't find you, you can't win. THANKS! (ps- I'll allow any comments that come in before I get up tomorrow morning to be included to win the prizes.)



Lindsey said...

the two spidermen are super cute but what happened to the lion and the shark? they were totally adorable too! glad yall had a good Halloween. can't believe that the "holiday" season is quickly approaching!

kristo said...

Your boys look great in their Spiderman costumes! Matching costumes are the cutest.

Lacey said...

How cute! Kids are funny though. I love that they wouldn't get back out of them once you got 'em in.

and I'm not sure if I'm one of the ones with a blank blogger profile, so I'm also venutianbeauty on Rav.

Amelah said...

Happy Halloween! Had a blast going trick or treating with the 2 mini Spiderman's! They were adorable!!

Yea, the Habs pumpkin family are BIG fans! They all have flags in their car windows. You probably [might] know the older son, who does not live there anymore.

Barb said...

awww the boys are cute!! hope your feeling ok today :)

Bea said...

The boys look great. I'm glad you guys had fun.

Caroline said...

I love your little spidermen, they're so cute! I wish we lived closer, you could have come to my house! We gave lots of candies but still have a lot of leftovers.

Rosebelleknits said...

Your boys are the cutest ever!

Hope you don't wake up sick tomorrow!


Tomato Girl said...

OMG! Love the Habs pupmkin!!! Did ya make that?

Rock on!

Tomato Girl said...

ps - that Vestee is great. Will have to knit that for a friend who just had a baby, looks like a quick knit.

kim said...

Love the two cute spidermen!! I can't believe you have snow already, I'm so not looking forward to winter :(

sapphireblue said...

That Vestee project is beautiful. Go Spidey, go!

Anonymous said...

Your twin Spidies are adorable.


Firefly said...

So did you dress up? I can't believe how big the boys are, did everyone think they were twins?

Tara said...

You should totally do a Habs pumpkin next year, Robyn! :)

g-girl said...

LOVE the spiderman costumes!!! too cute. did they go to bed in them? teehee.