Wednesday, October 06, 2010



Today we had a playdate in the late afternoon with my friend and one of her kids.
It was nice to have some company over for a bit.

It's funny how kids can either play together (above) or play alone (below).
Ever notice this at age 2-4?



- I have about 20 pages left in Jessica Z. Apparently I couldn't keep my eyes open last night, hoping to get it finished very soon.

- I realized that my 5 (YES FIVE!) year blogaversary is coming up October 21st. Stay tuned for some fun I have planned! Will reveal the details shortly once I have it all organized.

- Love this pumpkin seed necklace that you can make yourself at home! Instructions here.

- I wonder if my kids would eat this pumpkin pasta recipe? I'm curious to try it out. If not, there are a ton of wonderful pumpkin recipes here. (Thank you Rhoda for linking these to me!)

- Nothing too good on TV Wednesday nights. Tomorrow night, not only is there a Habs game on, but there is a LOT going on tv wise. Thursday night TV rocks. (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, CSI, 30 Rock, Bones, the list goes on)...! (I'm probably missing something else I watch on Thursday nights as well).

- Sean had a VERY GOOD day at daycare today. We've been having a few "boy" incidents at daycare, involving other boys, and as well with the older class teaching Sean's class games like "Push Down" (exactly what it says is what it is). Sean knows better that hands are not for hitting, pushing, etc.. But boys will be boys. It's been a long week so far. Hopefully the rest of the week will be better. Mackenzie on the other hand has been having a great few weeks at daycare since moving up to his new class. In the younger class there was always something in regards to listening or something. In his new class, not a single complaint about him. I'm very happy about this. Maybe it was just the environment, who knows?

- I'm really tired. Combination of being pregnant, having 2 toddlers and the anemia. I feel it. Beat. Tired. Resting doesn't even help. I think I'm screwed. LOL. And the laundry never ends, does it?

That's all for today folks.


g-girl said...

If I remember correctly, it's called parallel play when the kids play on their own but are at least next to other kids. I think they start to grow out of it around 5 if not sooner. You're welcome for the links. :) You don't watch any of the ABC shows on Wednesdays? Boys will definitely be boys..oh, we can be tired together. :P i just want to go to sleep and not have to wake up until monday!!

Tara said...

Good to know Mack's been an angel at daycare! ;)

IrishGirl said...

I hear you on the laundry! I realized just recently that a big chunk of my daily laundry was because I needed HOOKS! Sounds silly, but I put a hook for each kid (low enough) in the bathroom and on the back of their bedroom doors. Then I made a new rule (Hey, kids, look at these cool new hooks I got you.... wink wink) every day after showering their towels go on their hook & when they take off their pj's in the mornings they go on the hook in their bedrooms. I was washing pj's & towels for 3 (4 if you count their ring leader aka my husband). It was extra TWO LOADS a day. These items can be used for a few days then washed!!! It's also nice to have the evenings go a little faster without searching for clothes and picking up the messy towels.

Amelah said...

Atleast all the kids get along!!

Wednesday nights is Criminal Minds ;D