Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today was lazy Sunday. I also was alone with the kids today, but the pretty much behaved until about 15 minutes before Jamie actually got home, so I have absolutely no complaints. The most difficult part of the day was getting them to both agree on the same thing for lunch. Being over 31 weeks pregnant, I had absolutely no desire to start making 3 separate meals for lunch. I really need to figure out easy meals as I can't stand comfortably on my feet very long.

Some stash enhancement that I am totally loving:


The Loopy Ewe Solid Series in Orchid

The Loopy Ewe Solid Series in Spring Green

The Loopy Ewe Solid Series in Grape

I made a 2nd Munchkin Hat by Jeannie Kubricht today. I went up to 6.0 mm knitting needles. I will photograph that tomorrow once there is daylight again, and get the specs up on the blog. I did reverse color from the first one I knit starting with ivory instead of peacock. Details tomorrow! Hopefully one of them will fit baby 3 when he's born, so that I can take some photos of him wearing it.

I have made some progress on de-cluttering. I think I finally have the energy to do some nesting, in my last stages of pregnancy. My recent progress was quite the de-clutter. It had me clean out my shoe rack in one area of the house (I still have to do the other shoe rack - maybe this week) and clean under the sink in the bathroom. As well, I managed to clean out some shelves in the powder room/laundry room when I went to looking for a drain plug so that I can wash Ishbel in SOAK so I can re-block her. After losing her for a few months, I found her in the garage, and I wanted to give her a cleaning before wearing her again this winter.

A few weeks ago when I met up with Tara for lunch, I brought a skein of yarn that was on my desk. When I pulled it out, a moth flew out. I was freaked out, but didn't think anything of it, as it was the first I'd seen and didn't seen any after that in the house. I totally didn't even think that it could have come from my house. Luckily that skein had no other moths in it, I checked it as I wound it - and it never went anywhere near my yarn room. (My yarn room stayed 100% sealed). Nothing could crawl or fly in or out unless the door was opened. Tonight while sitting on the couch watching tv, I saw a few moths fly out from the cabinet under the fish tank. (Maybe the other moth was completely not related, who knows?) I WAS MORTIFIED! Tiny little things. I got the fly swatter. I swatted those and killed them. I then proceeded to the kitchen, grabbed the huge garbage bags, and my packing tape, and sealed off the cabinets at the bottom of the fish tank. There is no getting in or out of there now. I have no idea what's doing in the cabinets under there, and frankly, I am mortified of what could be in there. I plan to pick up some items (mothballs, cedar blocks, products to kill them (?) tomorrow, before re-opening the cabinet. I haven't seen any since those 3 or 4 flew out. I think I killed what was in the room (den). I am absolutely grossed out. We haven't had any fish living in the tank for quite the while now. I don't even know what's under the tank, as it's Jamie's tank, not mine, and I didn't care for it or go into the cabinets. I am curious if there are more, how on earth they got there. Have you ever had moths? What did you do to get rid of them? Thankfully they're not in the closets in the bedroom nor in the kitchen. What they're doing under the fish tank baffles me. I am not sure what's worse, moths, or the ants we had two summers ago. (After taking care of that issue, we didn't have a single ant this past summer, and the kids still dragged crumbs out of the kitchen).

Hmmmm.... What to do? I just want to get rid of them, they're nasty. (And I don't want them anywhere near my yarn at all - ever). Any tips or suggestions would be fantastic! Thanks! Until then, maybe by sealing off the fish tank with garbage bags will suffocate them, and they'll die? Though, I read online that they like humidity... so that might not work? Hopefully they won't multiply by tomorrow morning, if that's the case. But I had to do something... I didn't want them all escaping. Thankfully it's NOT lice! Or bed bugs. Ugh... all creepy. Shivers. Gross.

Oy, I'm beyond grossed out. Hopefully this won't stop me from sleeping tonight.


Tara said...

Nuke the little bastards! You must protect the stash at ALL COSTS!!!!

Anonymous said...

If there is fish food in that cabinet, they could be coming from that. I read somewhere that the moths that eat food aren't interested in wool and vice versa. We had a problem with moths when we had a bird. We had to freeze/thaw/freeze/that the food before we used it. They are a pain. Good Luck getting rid of them.


g-girl said...

oh no...that's horrible about the moths! hopefully you got them all. i like the grape you picked up in the loopy ewe solid series. :) you have been rather busy making up for lost yarn purchases! ;)

indozine said...


Amelah said...

Eww! OMG! I would have freaked out too! Luckily I have never had moths! So weird, wonder where they came from?!?!

Nice yarn stash enhancement! Pretty colors :D

Bea said...

I'm not sure at all what to do about a population of them. I know you can freeze your yarn in the yard when it gets cold enough if you want to be absolutely certain there aren't any in the yarn.