Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Wow, September?


Since I can barely reach my feet - I got some new shoes.
I like shoes I can slide my feet into.


And along with these cute new shoes, I had to buy shoe liners.
I'd rather not get blisters (which were starting to form) and I'd like to avoid having to chuck them due to possibly getting fungus from foot sweat. No thanks.


I am just about done Roar. I have to sew on the spikes, and then get one of my boys to model it for me, so I'll post final specs very soon. This is sample knit #1, for Knitting with Sandra's yarn shop in Riverside, CA.


Today I went to check out Espace Tricot after having a nice lunch with Kadi. I don't get to see Kadi often, so it was nice to meet up. Mona was working today at Espace Tricot, so I went to visit.

Super nice in there. I recommend you going to check it out. I got to plop myself down on the comfy couch area, and knit a bit. Definitely a relaxing afternoon. Glad there was air conditioning in the store. It was approximately 32°C (89.6°F) for September 1st today! Way too hot for me, if you ask.

I've got yet another new Pampers Gifts to Grow Code that you can add to your account. Head on over to their website and enter this code: 10 point code: SepFacebook2010.

I've also got new Huggies Enjoy The Ride Reward points that you can add to your account. Head on over to their website and enter these 2 point codes: BJNDJSLLMDXJPGB (5 pts) and BGNDNHQCDQBMPGB (1 pt).

I started an audio book in my car yesterday. I've never listened to an Audio book before. I'm listening to Friday Night Knitting Club. So far, I'm enjoying it, and trying to not get distracted or have my mind wander off while listening. It's great, because I work 32 km (20 miles) away from home. I'm already 150 minutes into the audio book. Do you listen to audio books?

Still looking for baby boy names. This has got to be the most difficult thing I've ever done. Naming a 3rd son. Every name that Jamie and I actually agree on there is a reason why we can't actually use it. Either someone in the family is already named that, and we can't use it, amongst other reasons. I'm really upset right now. I hate that he has no name. I hate that we can't use our fave names. My hormones aren't helping either. Why is this so darn difficult?

I stood in line tonight and registered Sean for skating in the fall (Tiny Tots!) He's going to be starting in that, so he can learn to actual skate, before we sign him up for hockey. He's super excited. I couldn't believe the line-up tonight. At least I got to stand in line with one of Sean's buddy's dad, and we chatted and talked about daycare (they're in the same class), though he took a different time slot for his son, than what I registered Sean for. I actually registered Sean for a time slot that a lot of the other kids he's friends with (and parents I am friendly with) are doing. I would like to be able to go to as many lessons as I can, though as I progress in my pregnancy, we'll see how comfortable it is for me to actually attend. Hockey parents are psycho though... Pushing and shoving, cutting in line...! Crazy.


Telmah said...

I've never thought much about raising boys, but here are the male names from around my family, just for perspective for ya. My husband is Roberto, which I'm guessing Robert is already crossed off your list. His brother though is Francisco which I think is a nice name- have you considered Francis (Frank)? I have an uncle by that name as well. My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all named Everett Burton, my grandfather is called Ev but my dad has always gone by Skip, which I love. I have five family members by the name of Peter- but two of them spell it Pieter. My father in law's name is Anibal which I love, but it doesn't translate as well for Anglophones. His father is Raul.

Hope this helps!

Siga said...

I love audio books. Especially on long rides, my husband and I try to choose something entertaining.

kim said...

I tried audio books and I just can't get into them. Maybe I just haven't tried the right ones but I find my mind wanders way too much to follow them. Maybe it would be better in the car but I don't travel very far.

LOL. The hockey parents sort of remind me of the football parents I've run into recently ;)

elizabeth said...

What cute shoes! I need some new ones, maybe I'll go shopping today! And the liners are a great idea. I abhor pantyhose - just refuse to wear it - but sticky shoes and blisters are no fun either.

Tara said...

Audio books are fun. I used to listen to them more when I worked downtown and took the metro. I'd love to listen to them while knitting, but I think my husband would feel a bit left out if I were to plop down on the couch with my iPod and shut him out completely, lol.

dawn said...

Love the new shoes! Super cute and they serve a purpose :P

Amelah said...

Very cute shoes!

Never listened to an audio book before... I am more a visual person..

Jennifer said...

i love listening to books on tape.. makes any car ride so much more interesting!

cute shoes, by the way!

g-girl said...

i've been coming up with more names..i keep forgetting to email you with my latest ideas. i wrote them down in the car the other day though. lol. shoe liners! now why didn't i think of that? your new ones are very cute. :) how's the audio book coming along?

Bea said...

Those are really cute shoes. I have some of those footie socks too.