Monday, September 06, 2010

09.06.10 : 192 weeks old


Sean is 192 weeks old today.

We all had off today, since it's Labor Day. The kids had no daycare, the hubby was home from work. The hubby was very productive this morning and got everything on my to-do list done before lunch time. He brought up every single one of the boxes of baby clothing from storage in the basement, into the nursery so that I could go through it all and wash what we'll need right away and see what we're missing. I started organizing the smallest sizes, and noticed a few things are stained. I could have sworn that I had washed everything before putting it away into boxes after Mack was done with it all - so we'll see if those stains (formula or who knows what it is) will come out or not. Then I'll have a better idea of what I need to replace and what I have to use. I have a lot of work to do in the nursery with getting things organized, but it's coming along.


One of the things that was on the list of things to do was for Jamie to go outside and see what was doing in the garden. We got a boat load of cherry tomatoes. I can see a HUGE tomato cucumber salad in our future - we still have some cucumbers still in the fridge from the last time we picked them. We also got one very large zucchini - I think I am going to bake some zucchini bread this week. Yum! Now that it's September, our production is winding down. We're going to have to see what's left to pick and pick what's left. I think there is a spaghetti squash, or two. We're already talking about what we'll be doing in the garden next summer, what works and what doesn't work as far as plants, and I'm very excited for next summer, already.


Mack was so cute after eating lunch today with cheese all over his face.

He gets so silly whenever he's around a camera now.


As promised, my knitting progress on Loopy Lace Scarf. I'm knitting this for the sample knit for the yarn shop in California, like I was talking about the other day. Do I love it? No. But it's not for me, so I'm continuing on with it. I think if I were to ever knit it for myself (it was in my queue before I got asked to knit it for the yarn shop), I would use a different yarn and perhaps a way larger needle. As it is, I'm using US6 and the pattern calls for US4. (I knit tight, always have). Not sure I'd ever knit it for myself though. This may be one of those knit once, and never knit again patterns. We'll see. I'm early to judge. I do love the color of the yarn. The yarn itself though, is 100% alpaca and is killing me. The little hairs are getting up my nose, and bothering me badly. I've knit with Alpaca before, so I don't know why, but maybe because this time it's 100% alpaca instead of a wool mix with alpaca in it...? I'll keep you updated on my thoughts.

- Wish I had a girl I could make these baby tights for. (I think this link is also associated with that tutorial).
- Pampers (and .com) released a new free 10 point code today. This is only valid through 9/12: LaborDayFB92010
- I'm almost 300 minutes into my audio book. It's 12 hours and 41 minutes, so that makes it 761 minutes. I'm about 37% done listening to the audio book. So far, so good. I'm finding myself trying to pay more attention. It's my first audio book, so I'm sticking with it.
- I totally thought I'd finish my book last night. Nope. Fell asleep again. I did read a bit though. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I am on page 335 of 370. I'm not going to jinx myself, so I won't tell you that I am going to finish it tonight. If I do - I do. If I don't... well then!
- We have a VERY busy week ahead. I just want it to be next Sunday already. There's something every day until then. Next Sunday will be my day of rest. Thankfully all these things we have this week are relaxing on my part, since I am not allowed to do anything. It's the Jewish new year this week, and even though we're non-practicing, we still have family shindigs to attend.
- Watched Finding Nemo today with all my boys (talls ones and short ones included). Everyone loved it. I was the only one who hadn't seen it before. My little boys though need to work on their attention span while sitting through a movie. Sean's doing a lot better, but Mack was all over the place, though certain scenes did hold his attention, but then he was off doing whatever it was that was distracting him.


IrishGirl said...

I love it when you post your recipes, they make me WANT to cook dinner, lol!

Tara said...

Seriously? You'd NEVER seen Finding Nemo???

g-girl said...

sean almost looks like a five year old now!! goodness. you hadn't seen finding nemo yet?? wow! ugh...alpaca hairs in the nose = no fun.

Sarah B. said...

Those tomatoes look SO good! I've been eating lots of cherry tomatoes with fresh mozzerella, basil and balsamic vinaigrette this summer. Not the best for the heartburn, but so tasty!

Amelah said...

Oy - Mackie is just too cute! I like that sweater on him!