Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Random Tuesday:
- I have a new Huggies Enjoy the Ride Reward free code, worth 1 pt: BGQGL–PKMCP–XPPGB
- People have been asking me to make an online wishlist, so I have! Here it is. There are baby items & stuff I wish for too. The easiest way for me to do it was on google (Froogle actually) and make it like a shopping list. Items I want for the baby, as well as items for me. I was asked to add both, so here you go. Hope it helps, for those asking!?
- Very excited to have dinner tomorrow night with a knit friend. Details about that tomorrow. We've been friends for probably 4 years now, but haven't met yet. I.can't.wait.
- I'm almost done The Friday Night Knitting Club on audio book. Can't wait to start Knit Two.
- I'm getting into Jessica Z. I'm about a third in. So far, so good. Definitely different from what I'm used to reading. I owe a review for Two Years, No Rain, and I have a date with my computer to do that on Thursday. Stay Tuned. I haven't forgotten, just haven't had time to compose my thoughts online yet. On Thursday I will also announce the contest details for you to win a copy of Jessica Z.
- Loved the season premiere of House. Watched the Series premiere of The Event and now I want to see what happens next...
- I'm back on track with Baby 3's Baby shell. I foresee it being done VERY shortly. I also foresee it being my go-to pattern for a quick last minute knit. Very quick knit... and now that I realized what I did wrong... (never print a pattern in black & white when there are color diagrams on purpose...!)
- Excited for it to be October already, for all the fun stuff going on in October. There is still a few last fun things going on in September, but October seems exciting already! Thankfully October is not that jam packed with stuff... as I'm still on modified rest.
- Sean's birthday party is 100% booked. So glad that's taken care of. I'm doing it outside of the house this time because with a newborn, I don't want to have to set up and clean up. They're taking care of everything. I like this. It's the only logical way to do it after having a Csection and with a newborn. Plus, I think the kids will have a fantastic time. I've even almost 100% figured out the lootbags. Am I on top of things, or what!? Thankfully Mack's 3rd birthday isn't until next June, so all that's left to worry about is hubby's 35th (though I might still be in the hospital then with a newborn), and Christmas/holiday related things. Slowly getting through my to-do list.
- Which reminds me... I better get moving on the nursery. I've got to finish sorting clothing, washing all baby items, and getting baby 3's room ready. The next 10 and a half weeks are going to fly by. I heart itty bitty baby items. I can't wait. I miss newborn smell. I miss newborn size. Even the every 2-3 hour wake-ups are soooo worth it. I feel like I'm in love all over again.


Tara said...

I miss newborn smell too. Can I come over and sniff your son when he gets here? :)

g-girl said...

well, you sure got a lot of things accomplished! :) that is awesome that arrangements for sean's birthday party are already done and that you know what to do for the goody bags already! talk about prepared and organized. :)