Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today Sean was home with me again. Though, I brought him to the office with me. His cut is almost all healed up, so I'm sending him to daycare tomorrow.


He did help my store manager a lot. He was a very good assistant.
I was told to bring him back anytime. We'll see about that.


Tonight I made a nursing wrap from this Tutorial.
Took me about 2 hours to make it.
I just love the fabric too.


It was my first time working with boning.
Basically the boning was inserted so that I can see the baby nursing.
Genius idea.


There is even terry cloth to wipe up the baby's mouth, which doubles as a pocket for nursing pads while nursing your baby. Great design. Love it.

Today's Link Love:
- This photo.
- This phrase.
- This neat tutorial for sewn coasters.
- This photo.
- This ring.
- This photo too.
- These awesome onesies.
- This onesie too.
- Old Navy Halloween Costumes are awesome. The boys have 2 costumes this year, one for their daycare party, and one for Halloween night. Stay tuned to see what they'll be! Last year to daycare they were a tiger & lion and on Halloween night they were matching Spiders. This year to each, they'll match, so there is no fighting/arguing.


Kimber said...

Great phrase - I like that.

That is a fab job on the nursing cover, your sewing is getting so good!

I do the two costume thing for the girls too. You have to have a costume with room to layer under in this neck of the woods for trick or treating!

The baby loves Minnie Mouse so for her daycare party she will be Minnie and for Halloween night she will be a sock monkey.

The eldest wants to be a vampire for the daytime stuff and we don't know yet what she'll be for night time.

Tracy said...

Beautiful nursing wrap! I have one called a "Hooter Hider" which I think is hilarious. It has the boning and you're right, it's genius. Where do you get the time & energy??!?

dawn said...

Love the nursing cover and the fabric is fabulous! I had a horrible nursing experience with my first so I didn't try with the second. I kind of wish I had now that I'm thinking I might not have another.

Tara said...

Nice wrap! You're going to be nursing in style :) I can't believe I didn't know Old Navy had Haloowe'en costumes! OK, maybe I did, but I'd totally forgotten. I'm definitely going to check them out soon! Even if it's not for Hallowe'en, costumes are great for just playing dressup, right?

Jennifer said...

love the nursing cover! i had one w/ ashlyn that i bought at target.. very similar to the one you made. thanks for the reminder.. gotta find that soon!

Amelah said...

Good job Sean! Next time i have staff members call in sick - I am calling him up as a replacement! He would prob do a better job anyways!!

Love the nursing wrap!

g-girl said...

the nursing wrap looks great! :) love the teacups. that is a cute ring. i'm seeing hunter everywhere lately. lol. you can probably make those onesies on your own. i remember seeing kits when i was @ michael's one day. oh and i couldn't agree more about old navy costumes!!!