Monday, September 20, 2010

09.20.10 :: 194 weeks old


Sean is 194 weeks old today.


We've been having fun building castles.


And knocking them down.


And rolling around in the blocks too.

I finally made it outside into the garden to see what was doing.
There was actually stuff to pick:
4 cucumbers, 3 zucchinis (2 of which were HUGE!)
Some green & orange peppers.
A spaghetti squash, and a huge bowl of cherry tomatoes.
I see more baking in my future.

There is a bit left in the garden that still needs to ripen, but it's starting to dwindle as the season is coming to an end... but that's expected for late September.

I had made amazing progress on baby 3's baby shell.
I had about 7 of the 10 inches knit for the shirt.

And then I realized I'd made a mistake.
One of the flaps was in the front and the other... in the back.
Not sure how on earth I didn't notice it before.


So I ripped back.
Practically to the beginning.
A lot of knitting time gone out the window.
It was very upsetting.

Today's Random Thoughts:
- I ordered the Knit Two Audio book. I'm going to give it a try.
- Very excited to meet up with a friend this week for dinner in another city. Finally.
- Hope it doesn't rain on the day I'm going with Sean's class apple picking. That.would.just.suck. I'll be doing the sun dance all week. I don't even mind if it's cloudy. Just no rain please.
- You know there is a problem (of watching too much Nick. Jr.) when your husband is eating your homemade zucchini bread and starts singing "There's a Party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy"....
- I'm making progress in the book I'm currently reading. I have not forgotten about the contest I plan to hold... just thinking about how to make this contest interesting - to win a copy of the book. Stay tuned.
- I'm very pregnant, I'm waddling. My muscles are beyond sore from lack of activity. Every time I get up off my desk chair or the couch or from bed, I'm sore. I'm seriously counting down the weeks now. I'm already at the point now where I just want time to pass faster so I can get him out (healthy of course).
- Debating what to sew in my next sewing lesson. I have no sewing this week, so I still have time to think about it. Anyone know of any neat tutorials online? Please link them to me if so.


dawn said...

Almost makes me want to build a castle just to knock it down. My boys would love that! Great garden loot!

Tracy said...

Okay, I'll really try to type in those recipes (turkey & zucchini meatloaf and zucchini chocolate chip cookies) today or tomorrow, since you're still getting zucchini!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant site, I hadn't come across earlier during my searches!
Continue the fantastic work!

Amelah said...

Those blocks look like fun!

Uh no about the knitting mistake! What a piss off! I hate ripping back on all that hard work :(

Jennifer said...

grr on the frogging that took place w/ that poor shirt.. kills me to rip out that much!!

here's an awesome site FULL of sewing tutorials..

jacquelyn karp said...

Sorry the breakdown for Knit Two spoiled the end of Friday Night Knitting Club for you!
Knit Two is a great book too, and then there is a holiday book that comes after it... Knit the Season.
I enjoyed all of them.

Sarah B. said...

We sing the party in my tummy song all the time...don't know what that says about us really, but we do it.

Also, find a massage therapist that specializes in maternity massage. I seriously love mine! She had me hug a body pillow and lay on my side and really works the muscles in my hips. I don't waddle after I leave her!

Tara said...

Ripping sucks. 'Nuff said. And I think that you're now OFFICIALLY in your third trimester! When you start feeling uncomfortable ALL THE TIME and just counting the days until they're OUT already, you know you're there :)

g-girl said...

ugh. that sucks about the mistake you found but it's fixable and it's one that you couldn't just live with. it's okay. nothing wrong with jamie singing party in my tummy while eating your zucchini bread--joey sings it out of nowhere. lol.

Bea said...

The fresh veggies look really really yummy.