Wednesday, September 15, 2010



It's that time of the year again. I heart fall.


I absolutely love baby boy items.
Some new baby wash cloths for baby boy #3.

Got a phone call from my doctor today that in my work-up they found some blood in my urine. So far I haven't actually seen any blood at all. I was told to be extra careful now and at the first sight of any blood to call right away (or if they're closed to go straight to the hospital). Oy, another thing to worry about. Does it ever end? I have been extremely careful and have been really limiting myself to only doing what I absolutely have to do while on my feet. It's so difficult let me tell you.

My laundry is piling up, the house is a bit of a mess. Definitely looks like two toddlers live here. My email inbox is out of control again. The kids toys are everywhere. I have gifts to wrap (and some to mail). I have things to scan and pictures to edit. I have a baby room to organize. I have Sean's 4th birthday party to finish organizing (before his brother is born). The list never ends. Some stuff I can't even do. Thankfully we have a cleaning lady coming tomorrow. She'll tidy the house, one less thing for me to worry about. Ahhh, I feel a little bit better. Maybe now I can get to the knitting waiting to be done & the books waiting to be read. And the things waiting to be sewn. My hair needs a trim. My feet need a pedicure (since I can no longer bend to reach them - thankfully I can still see them).

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luvinthemommyhood said...

Oh, hope you are ok. Take it easy. I know it's hard I did the same thing. I fretted and fretted, but I had to tell you take it easy anyways. Everything always has a way of working out in the end. wish I could come by and help you out hun...I could cut your hair for you and give you that pedicure.
Big hugs to you....and don't worry, my inbox is overflowing too, I still haven't written you back from like 2 months ago...where does the time go?

dawn said...

Awww that sucks! Hang in'll be over before you know it and you will have another little boy to cuddle and smooch!

Tara said...

Stay off your feet! I know it's hard, but it's worth it. I've known friends who had premature babies. TRUST me when I say you do NOT want to go there!

Jennifer said...

take it easy, momma.. i know how hard that must be for you, but so far it sounds like you are doing a good job.

ps.. i also heart fall :)

Amelah said...

You have to be even MORE careful now!!!!

Yeah pumpkin time!!! Carving pumpkins are fun! If my friends do it agian, Sean is more then welcome to come help again! He had fun last year!

Bea said...

DId the pumpkins come from the garden?

Sorry your having to watch more stuff with this pregnancy now. Hopefully the next 12 weeks will be uneventful.

g-girl said...

just breathe and keep taking things day by day. we all know you've been doing your damnedest to stay off your feet as much as humanly possible but it's not an easy task!