Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Calendar's are back! I kinda missed out on doing an August one, as other things were going on in my life, and it slipped my mind. But I have one in for September, so enjoy! From left to right you have Flowers by Carol, Pink Flower by Robyn (me!) Houses by Cynthia, Sunflower by ScoutJ. Open the image you’d like, right click on the image, and save as your desktop background. Voila! Let me know if you use one, which one that is!

I've got yet another new Pampers Gifts to Grow Code that you can add to your account. Head on over to their website and enter this code: 20 point code: HangOn2Summer20

Today I love:
- My new bag from Zip It. I got this one (in black). (Just wish there were pockets, my cell gets lost at the bottom of it). Totally awesome bag though, I do have to say. Very funky. I do need to now look for a new wallet, mine ripped where my cards go in.
- Love my new van. Love that I can charge my cell at the same time the kids are watching a DVD (I couldn't do that in my old car). Love that the kids can watch their DVD on wireless headsets (must convince Mr. Mack to wear the headset). Love that my car tells me the outside temperature. Love that my car tells me what direction I am going in. I love that I have built in bluetooth. Ah, yes, I heart technology. (I've however already gotten into an argument with my U-Connect lady. For some reason when I asked her to call my grandmother's house (one of my pre-programmed numbers), she decided she wanted to call 9-1-1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
- One of my best friends Sherrie got engaged tonight at dinner. MAZAL TOV SHERRIE! I am so happy for you!
- Love that there is a city in Qu├ębec with this name, see this for a picture of the sign. Too funny. Ha ha!

Tonight I finished Roar. Tomorrow I sew on all the spikes and weave in the ends. Then I'll start sample knit #2. Can't wait to move on to the next project.

Still no name for baby boy number 3. Every name we come up with, we can't use as it's either a name already used in the family with people we see, or they have the same last name, or we can't use it out of respect for not offending someone else in the process. So we're back to square one. Looking for good baby boy names. Nothing plain. Nothing boring. Nothing top 10. This is difficult! Why is it so hard to name a 3rd child (of the same gender?!) Please give us more suggestions. I hate that we haven't named him yet. (Damn my hormones too! It's making me upset).

I can't believe tomorrow is September. SEPTEMBER!


kristo said...

My baby name suggestion of the day = Cody.
I just think it sounds good with your other two boys names. Sean, Mack, and Cody. :)

Carrie said...

I've always liked Connor, but hubby insisted our first be an Andy (Andrew or Andrea), and our second was a girl, so I never got to use it. Also Alexander, Brian, Bryson, Bryce, Dominic.. and I don't know if Labyrinth is far enough out of the mainstream for him to not get teased for it, but.. Jareth? :D

Tara said...

I had a super hard time finding a name for Maxime too. Um.... you could always go with KTE's secret baby name: Peregrin :) Bwaaa-hahahahaha!!!

papermonkey said...

Here's my second round of baby names:

Aiden, Spencer, Trevor, Vaughn, Hayden, Erick, Ethan, Brayden, Carson, Fisher.

I'm trying to think outside the box :S

Heddy said...

How about Lincoln, Thomas, Marshall, Robert (call him Rob for short), Alexander, Roy, Henry, William (Will for short), Jack, Owen or Wally?

Or what was your maiden name?
could it be a first name? (ie; mine was Lawrence, so I've always wanted a boy with the first or middle name of Lawrence, and we'd call him Larry as a nickname).

g-girl said...

grayson? i like kristo's suggestion-cody. :) and I agree that it just goes with sean and mack. ;) grady? wow, i'm lovin' the technology in your new car too!! how awesome. :)

Anonymous said...


Amelah said...

haha never heard of that town before!

Congrats to Sherrie! That is awesome for her!

Bea said...

Congrats to Sherrie!!

Jennifer said...

That's funny- I thought that was a fake sign until I looked it up: