Thursday, August 26, 2010

08.26.10 :: 114 weeks old


Mack is 114 weeks old.


Today, I pulled my Destroyed Cowl off the blocking mats.


Pattern: Destroyed Cowl by Martha Merzig (My Ravelry Project)
For: Myself
Yarn: 0.78 skein of Dream in Color Classy
: US 8 - 5.0 mm
: 46" round
Timeline: August 14-25 2010
Modifications: Twisted stitches 2, 6, 29 & 33 (cast on 34 stitches) to keep body smooth after dropping stitches. On right side I ktbl those 6 stitches and on the wrong side I ptbl those 6 stitches. (You can just purl all the way back, but I wanted perfection).
Opinion: I love it. I can’t wait for cooler weather to wear it. Looking for an easy mindless project to get your knitting mojo back? This project helped bring my knitting mojo back.

My garden update:


There is a huge cucumber ready to be picked. However, this cucumber plant grew up the wall of the house, and I will need Jamie to get a ladder to take it down. It's almost at the roof of the house. I love how the plant is growing up the wall of the house.


Another discovery is that our spaghetti squash plant is now growing out of the yard on the other side of the fence. I am not sure how this plant even made it to this side of the yard, as it's planted on the other side of the garden. However, there is a LARGE spaghetti squash growing near the ground as you can see. I'm curious to see if we'll get anything else off that side of the fence before the frost starts coming again.


Today's Loot. 4 Cucumbers, 1 small Zucchini, Stringless Beans, some cherry tomatoes, 1 green pepper, 1 red tomato, and a bunch of lemon boy tomatoes (yellow tomatoes). My neighbor got a cucumber and some tomatoes. I also gave one cucumber to Sean's teacher (as she was away when I brought the last batch of cucumbers to daycare when I had my last large loot). The rest, I plan to make a cucumber/tomato salad to go with my lunch for work tomorrow. I can taste is already. And I plan to bake something with the zucchini.


Today I worked on getting together my scrabble letter earrings. Some of the letters I had already made, but I was missing more than half of the letters since the last craft fair they were brought to. They'll be brought soon to a craft fair and a friend will be selling them for me. I hope they sell! I always enjoy making them.


Tonight I said goodbye to an old friend.
Oct 20, 2005 - August 26, 2010
I picked up my brand new baby from the dealership.
It was after sunset by the time we got home, so I'll take pictures tomorrow.
I'm in love already. Though, I'll have to get used to driving her.
She's a LOT bigger than this car, so it'll take some getting used to.
Also, learning all her buttons. Very excited.
Very excited to see what the kids think tomorrow.

I'm officially a mini van driving momma!

Today’s link Love:
- Neat tutorial on how to make your own hula hoop.
- This awesome necklace tutorial.
- Definitely plan to make a fridge organizer like this one. (Must find old ruler!)
- What a cute gift these crochet hair clips would make!

I leave you tonight with this funny video. I've never seen a surfing Alpaca, have you?


dawn said...

Love the cowl and that color looks great on you! Mr Mack is looking super cute!

Tara said...

Lovely cowl! Seems like a good gift knit, as well. I see Mack is still wearing the necklace Sean made for him? :)

Amelah said...

Nice cowl! Very interesting on those spiraling plants in your garden! Crazy! Yummy loot - wished I had a yummy vegetable garden!

Buh bye Acura!! Helloooooo van! LOL

g-girl said...

your cowl looks great! I love that lone spaghetti squash growing on the other side of the fence!!

Bea said...

The cowl looks great. That's a good color for you!

Jennifer said...

That cowl is awesome- just queued it up. Is it comfy? It looks so nice and squooshy to wear!