Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I can't believe how big Mack is getting.
He just looks like a big boy now instead of a toddler.
And is starting to really be a big talker like his brother.


Mack's been wearing the necklace that Sean made him, since he received it the other day. Mack calls it a "neck-a-neck". (He's working on the word "necklace"). However, he hasn't been wearing it around his neck, but on his head, like a headband.

I was supposed to have a play date with a friend this afternoon with her 2 boys. Originally we had plans to go to her house to go swimming. Though, it being end of August, I knew there was a chance of the weather being not-so-great. Then I was diagnosed with full placenta previa. So I asked her to come over to my house instead, that it’s easier here because of my modified activity. (In someone else’s home I have to be on top of my kids, at home, they have free reign of the house – they know what to touch and what not to touch and respect our boundaries and limits). The plan was always to get the kids early from daycare, (After nap time) and then meet up at her house. Well, now because it’s not at her house, it’s an inconvenience to her. She doesn’t want to go pick up her kids from school, then go home, then come over. She asked me to keep my kids home from daycare so that she could come at the time that was good for her. I explained to her that Sean only naps at daycare, he doesn’t nap at home anymore, and there wasn’t going to be a functional play date if Sean hadn’t napped. So I told her another time. I am starting to get annoyed at the fact that people are becoming more self-centered. No one cares about going out of their way to maybe make things easier for other people. Is it just me? I wasn’t even asking much from her, except to move the play date from her house to mine because of my restrictions due to the pregnancy. I feel better now. Thanks for listening.

Still playing the waiting game. Waiting for the insurance to be sent over so that I can pick up my car tomorrow evening, I don't see why it wouldn't be ready on time. I’ve never been this excited about getting a mini van. Never thought the day would come. However, with a 3rd child on the way, a mini van is very needed. There simply isn’t any room in my car for a 3rd child. Must finish cleaning out my car before tomorrow evening. I'm kinda sad to say bye to my trusty Acura EL - but that time has come, and I must. She was very good to me while I had her (since Oct 21, 2005).

I did hear back via email from my supplier in regards to my printer. I have a “case” number and I am waiting to hear back from them within 48 hours for “product management approval” for a replacement or servicing. I just want my printer back, working, I love it. I guess I’ll have to wait to see what happens next. If they can’t do anything, then I’ll have to go to the manufacturer to see if they can fix it or replace it. It’s not even old (From May 2010).

Wait, wait, wait. Tap... tap... tap....


I watched Grown-Ups today while finishing my Destroyed Cowl. I also watched The Back-Up Plan while finishing the last touches on the cowl. Now it's wet blocking. Hoping to wear her tomorrow. Looks like it might be a chilly day again (with showers). Grown-Ups was funny, and it was nice seeing all those main characters together (Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider). It was mindless entertainment to pass time. The Back-Up Plan was cute but upsetting at the same time, as the main character's name was Zoe and she got pregnant in the film with not one, but TWIN girls. I'd still like to know how to have a girl!? And it seems like (almost) everyone I know is having boys.

I started knitting a test/sample knit tonight, for a yarn shop in California. We did a swap, some Cascade 220 I wanted, for 3 test knits. Two are already published patterns and one is her own design. I will talk more tomorrow about the project/yarn, as I don't think it's a secret. They're just samples for her shop. There is always a way to barter for what you want, especially if it's yarn. Just sayin'.

I realized another item I need for the baby is a new bassinet. The one I used with Sean & Mack we discovered grew a LOT of mold while in storage (not entirely sure how that happened, as it was put in storage dry and covered in plastic garbage bags). I have been checking craigslist to see if there are any that I like for sale, I don't mind picking up one 2nd hand (or even borrowing one from a friend). Babies usually only stay in one until max 18 lbs, so it wouldn't be for that long. (Sean hated the bassinet, but Mack actually used it). I certainly don't need to buy one brand new, so I'm going to keep my eyes open for one.


Jennifer said...

BOO on your in(un?)flexible playdate 'friend'.. why are people so gosh darn selfish?!

We borrowed a bassinet last time and Ash hated it, so it was only used for a couple days. Now the friend I borrowed it from is going through infertility issues, so I don't want to ask to borrow it again. My mom said she has one I can use, so I haven't given it a second thought. But now that you mention the mold in storage issue, maybe I better check on that sooner than later to make sure it's acceptable. I could always use the pack n play, but I would rather have that set up on the first floor of the house to use for diaper changes like last time. Thanks for the unintentional reminder :)

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I have a friend like that too. I don't think it was unreasonable to ask her to come to your house. Sounds as if she likes to be in control.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the comment - my Rav ID is Curlerchik, however, I never post anything there and only use it as a reference, so contacting me that way - not a good idea!

Amelah said...

Wow, that does not seem fair or nice of her! You could always tell her you can keep the play date at her place, but you are not responsible for what your children may do :D Just kidding. It is a shame, because it is the boys who loose out.

I love MOST Adam Sandler movies! He is very funny! I say msot because Little Nicky and Punch Drunk Love both SUCKED!!!

I will see what Melanie is doing with her Bassinet when Logan is too big for it...

Tara said...

Can't wait to see your sweet new ride!

g-girl said...

i can't believe that mother wanted you to keep sean home from daycare so that she could bring her child over when SHE felt like it. Ugh. Sorry you have to deal with people like this. :P

Bea said...

Sorry about your friend. That kind of sucks. The cowl is so far very interesting looking. Dropped stitches I guess?

Jennifer said...

That's a cool idea- stay true to your yarn diet by swapping labor for product? NICE!